Math 390: Methods of Teaching Mathematics
Fall 2005


Class will meet in Kerr 451 on Tuesday Nov 29


John Hunter
Phone: (530) 752-3189
Office: 654 Kerr Hall
Office hours: TR 12:30–1:30 p.m.
Class Time: TR 1:40–3:00 p.m., PhyGeo 140 (Note room change)

Important dates:

Course Grade

The course grading is S/U only. Satisfactory performance will be based on class attendence and participation, and completion of assigments. There will be no exams.

Recommended Text (Not required)

How to Teach Mathematics, 2nd Ed., Steven G. Kranz, American Mathematical Society, 1999.

Guest Speakers


1. [Due in class, Tue Oct 25] Visit a lecture given by an instructor for whom you are a TA, or an instructor of your choice, and write a short report (less than a page) on what you learned from observing the lecture. (Let the instructor know you're planning to visit his/her class first.)

2. [Link to page due, Tue Nov 15] Prepare a home page for a class you might be teaching to be provided to students on the first day of class. (You don't need to prepare a detailed course syllabus.) For help in creating webpages, see the Galois Group tutorial. The results are here.

3. [Due in class, Tue Dec 6] Pair up with another class member and visit a discussion section/lecture (or give a discussion section/lecture with a visitor attending). Write a brief joint report of your observations and what you learned.

4. [Due, Th Dec 8] Prepare a sample exam front page and write one question for it, using LaTeX. Put a link to a pdf file of your exam on your class webpage (from Assignment 2). You can use this shell file or your own format for the exam. (If you're new to using LaTex, the Galois Group LaTeX tutorial provides a quick introduction.)


The MAA Handbook for Mathematics Teaching Assistants by Tom Rishel

Rutgers guide for Teaching Assistants

Amherst guide for Teaching Assistants

Jerry Uhl's collection of teaching quotes

Random mathematical quotes

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