Research Activities

  1.     J.Deride, A.Jofré, R.Wets, “Solving deterministic and stochastic equilibrium problems via augmented Walrasian” (submitted,  Computational Economics).

working Papers

  1.       “Cálculo y Análisis de Sensibilidad de Equilibrio en Mercados Incompletos: Un Enfoque Dual”, (in spanish). Mathematical Engineering and Applied Economics Master thesis, Universidad de Chile, 2011.



  1.     Roger J-B Wets

  2.     Alejandro Jofré

  3.     Yueyue Fan

  4.     David Woodruff

  5.     Zhaomiao Guo

  6.     Robert Basset

  7.     Ambroise Idione


  1.         J.Deride, Y.Fan, Z.Guo, “Infrastructure Planning for Fast Charging Stations in a Competitive Market”, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Vol.68, 2016.