Jake Reschke

PhD Candidate in Mathematics
UC Davis Mathematics Department
Email: jreschke@math[dot]ucdavis[dot]edu
Office: MSB 3139

About Me

I completed my undergraduate in physics at Cal State Northridge in 2014. Afterwards I continued at Northridge in the master's program in mathematics, which I completed in 2016. During this time I worked with Professor David Klein on some problems in mathematical general relativity. I currently work with Professor Bruno Nacthergaele on problems in interacting quantum many-body systems.


Slow propagation in some disordered quantum spin chains, with Bruno Nachtergaele. Submitted. arXiv preprint

Lieb-Robinson bounds and strongly continuous dynamics for a class of many-body fermion systems in Rd, w/ Martin Gebert, Bruno Nachtergaele and Robert Sims. Submitted.arXiv preprint

Pre-big bang geometric extensions of inflationary cosmologies, w/ David Klein. Annales Henri Poincuré 19 (2018). arXiv preprint

Velocity addition formulas in Robertson-Walker spacetimes, w/ David Klein. J. Math. Phys. 56, 072501 (2015). arXiv preprint

Current Teaching:

(F 2020) 21A: Differential calculus

Past Teaching:

Associate Instructor
(Su 2020) 150A: Undergrad abstract algebra
(Su 2019) 127A: Undergrad analysis

Teaching Assistant
(Sp 2020) 207C: Grad analysis
(W 2020) 22B: Undergrad ODEs
(F 2019) 127C: Undergrad analysis
(Sp 2019) 127B: Undergrad analysis
(W 2019) 201B: Grad analysis
(F 2017) 201A: Grad analysis
(Sp 2017) 21D: Multivariable calculus
(W 2017) 21D: Multivariable calculus
(F 2016) 21B: Integral calculus