Math 215A, Algebraic Topology, Fall 2016

News, updates and homework assignments for Math 215A

Jan 30
For those with department mailboxes, I have returned the final exams. If you have any questions about the exams or grades, please let me know.
Dec 14
Here's a little information about the course grades. The median grade on the final was 59 (and the top score was 79). For the course, 16 people got A+/A/A-, 7 got B+/B/B- and 2 got C+.
Dec 14
Due to an unfortunate incident that had to be reported to SJA, I've been advised not to return the final exams yet. Sorry to inconvenience all the rest of you. Please be patient until January.
Dec 13
A copy of the solution sheet for the final is in your mailbox. For the five students without math department mailboxes, there are a few copies of the solutions in an envelope at my door.
Dec 2
Hint for problem 1 from the final: This is essentially problem 8 from section 1.3 of Hatcher.
As he mentions, it is probably useful to first solve problem 11 from chapter 0.
Nov 30
The take-home final due at 5pm on Monday, December 5. I will be in my office by 2pm that day.
Nov 23
Homework 8, due Nov 30, the last homework.
Nov 10
Homework 7, due Nov 23. (For 2(c), take m,n greater than 1.)
Nov 4
Comments on today's lecture.
Nov 3
Homework 6, due Nov 9.
Oct 28
Homework 5, due Nov 2.
Oct 26
Notes on Homework 4.
Oct 20
Homework 4, due Oct 26.
Oct 7
Comments on today's lecture.
Oct 5
Homework 3, due Oct 12.
Sep 28
Homework 2, due Oct 5.
Sep 28
Notes on Homework 1.
Sep 27
Comments on yesterday's lecture.
Sep 26
Comments on last Friday's lecture.
Sep 21
Comments on today's lecture.
Sep 21
Homework 1, due Sep 28.