Spring  2017

Euclidean Geometry, MAT 141.

Sections  A1-A2.

CRN 78131 and 78132

When and where: MWF, 14:10-15:00 PM. OLSON 6.

Course homepage: http://www.math.ucdavis.edu/~kapovich/2017-141.html

Make sure you read this web page until the line which says THE END. 

Instructor: Professor Michael Kapovich (kapovich@ucdavis.edu).

Office Hours: M, 15:20-16:10PM.  Office: 2224 MSB. 


A1: Tuesday, 3:10-4:00 PM. OLSON 207.   TA:  Mr. Mou Lang (lmou@math.ucdavis.edu ). Office: MSB  3229.  Office hours:  Tuesday 9:30-11:30AM. 

A2: Tuesday, 4:10-5:00 PM. OLSON 207.   TA:   Mr. Mou Lang  (lmou@math.ucdavis.edu ). Office: MSB  3229.  Office hours: Tuesday 9:30-11:30AM. 

As long as you are registered for MAT-141, section A1-A2, you can attend any section of this  class.  Note, however, that you will get back your graded quizzes and the midterm exam during the discussion section you are assigned to. 

For the issues like which courses you should take as a math major, 

you can talk to undergraduate advisors at the math department


Prerequisite: course MAT-21B; MAT-22A or MAT-67.


An axiomatic and analytic examination of Euclidean geometry from an advanced point of view. In particular, a discussion of its relation to other geometries. Designed to serve as preparation for the more rigorous upper division courses.

A substantial part of this class (including quizzes and exams) involves the classical ruler and compass constructions. Therefore, you will need to acquire them for the class.  

Textbook:    John Stillwell, The Four Pillars of Geometry, Springer Verlag.

Sections of the textbook to be covered:

Chapters 1-5, 7-8.


Bring your student Id for all the exams: Midterm and the Final!

There will be a comprehensive final examination, one midterm exam and  assigned homework. All exams are "closed notes, closed book, not laptops, no calculators". You are not allowed laptops, cell phones (or other means of electronic communication) during the exam. If I (or a TA) see you having such a tool of electronic communication during an exam, it will be grounds for 0 score for the exam.

Midterm: Wednesday, May 3, OLSON 6. No Make-ups!

Final  Exam:  Wednesday, June 14, 6:00PM—8:00 PM.  OLSON 6. 

Scores and grades will be posted at the Canvas page for this class.


Homework =20%, Midterm  =30%, Final Exam =50%.

There will be no makeup midterm given. If you miss the midterm for a medical reason (or another valid reason, like a sports competition), the final exam will count for 80% (rather than 50%) and the midterm will not count. Note that a  valid excuse from the midterm has to be documented. (A letter/email from your doctor, sports team couch, etc.)  I will use curve only for the final grade.

Cell phones: Turn them off before the class; offenders' cell phones will be confiscated for (at least) 24 hours.

ADA Statement:

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accommodations be provided for students with physical, sensory, cognitive, systemic, learning and psychiatric disabilities. Please contact me at the beginning of the quarter to discuss any such accommodations for the course. You have to bring me a disability letter at least 7 days prior to the exam so I can make appropriate arrangements. 

Important dates:

The first day of classes: Monday, April 3.  The last day of classes: Wednesday, June 7.  There will be no classes on Monday, May 29 (The Memorial Day). 


We will have a grader for this class! The homework will be assigned every Tuesday, on Canvas, starting on April 4, 2017. The homework will be collected during the discussion section on Tuesday the following week. Graded homework will be returned to you again during the discussion section one week later.