About Me

I like to play the piano, but I've had much more instruction in percussion instruments. I played in various school bands for 9 years, and was fortunate enough to play at Silver Lake Band Camp over the summers in middle school and high school. I played competetively in the NCBA and CCGC winter percussion circuits in high school with Fairfield High School here in California from 2004-2007, and had the opportunity to perform in two WGI championship competitions in the Scholastic Open division (San Diego, CA, in 2004 and Dayton, OH, in 2006).

I'm a console gamer in my spare time. For relaxed play, I enjoy RPGs like Pokemon and Final Fantasy; for more of a challenge, I speed run (Any% 16-star) Super Mario 64 (not me playing here). My PB is currently 26m 41s, and the WR on the Wii U VC is 20m 58s. I plan to start running the longer (100% All Ship Parts) Pikmin on the Gamecube or (Any% Mudkip/Kyogre) Pokemon Sapphire (also not me) on the GBA. I also watch and donate to the Games Done Quick marathons that run semiannually in support of the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders charities.

In April 2013 I married the love of my life, Kellan. She just graduated from UC Davis in March 2017 with a PhD in Chemistry.

The Kids

Our original two guinea pigs, Jazz and Twix, gave birth to five and three babies, respectively. We have since re-homed six of the eight babies, and we decided to keep two from Twix's litter, Hershey and Snickers. This is Twix with her three babies: Snickers, Hershey, and Kit-kat. This is Jazz with her five(!) babies: (Cream) Puff, Harvey, Bandit, Rascal, and Red. Here are all the cousins hanging out together.