Andre Kornell

I was a Krener assistant professor at the department of mathematics. I am now a postdoctoral fellow at Tulane, working on Semantics, Formal Reasoning, and Tools for Quantum Programming.


research statement


Quantum sets

The logic of Σ formulas

Reasoning about incomplete structures


Dodging the quantum set problem

On the category of von Neumann algebras


Quantum extensions of ordinary maps

Quantum sets

A complete system of deduction for Sigma formulas

On sequents of Σ formulas


Quantum collections

Quantum functions

The transfinite mean


UC Davis
Math 16A: Short Calculus (Winter 2019)
Math 21A: Calculus (Fall 2018)
Math 108: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics (Fall 2018)
Math 199: Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates (Spring 2018)
Math 17B: Calculus for Biology and Medicine (Winter 2018)
Math 21A: Calculus (Fall 2017)
Math 215A: Topology (Fall 2017)
Math 21C: Calculus (Spring 2017)
Math 202: Functional Analysis (Winter 2017)
Math 147: Topology (Fall 2016)
Math 16C: Short Calculus (Spring 2016)
Math 108: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics (Spring 2016)
Math 125A: Real Analysis (Winter 2016)
Math 125A: Real Analysis (Fall 2015)