(Group) discussions, critiques, and in-class discussions

The final grade will be a combination (more or less with equal weights) of paper critiques, leading discussion(s) in class and class participation. You can work in pairs for discussing the papers in advance in preparation for writing critiques and class participation. If you work in pairs, you will alternate for writing the critiques. Email the critiques to me by 3pm the day before the first in-class discussion of the paper. These critiques will be anonymized and sent to the rest of the class. Please read them before the class. The critiques will not be explicitly graded, but you will get feedback if there is something remarkable about it. The person leading the in-class discussion of a paper does not need to write a critique, and instead will meet with me a few days before the discussion.

Please read Mike Bond's instructions that he used in a course with similar mechanics, but for this course take them only as guidelines, not strict rules, in case you are not sure about how to proceed.