Yanwen Luo

Graduate Student

University of California Davis

Department of Mathematics

One Shield Avenue

Davis, CA, 95616

Email: lyw(at)math(dot)ucdavis(dot)edu

Office: MSB 2123


My research interests include various applications of geometry and topology. My advisor is Prof. Joel Hass.




as TA: 

MAT 17ABC Calculus for Biology and Medicine

MAT 21ABCD Calculus

MAT 114 Convex Geometry

MAT 116 Differential Geometry

MAT 141 Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry

MAT 185 Complex Analysis

as AI: 

MAT 22A Linear Algebra

MAT 22B Differential Equation


2014.9 - now PhD in Applied Mathematics University of California Davis

2013.1 - 2014.5 B.S. in Mathematics University of Utah

2010.9 - 2012.12 School of Math and Physics University of Science and Technology Beijing


Computational Geometry Page

Advice to a Young Mathematician

The Chinese University Press (Hong Kong)