Yanwen Luo

Graduate Student

University of California Davis

Department of Mathematics

One Shield Avenue

Davis, CA, 95616

Email: lyw(at)math(dot)ucdavis(dot)edu

Office: MSB 2123


Please check out the 10th UCDavis Math Conference in January 9th 2020.


My research interests include various applications of geometry and topology. My advisor is Prof. Joel Hass. Here is my CV.


1. Comparing Shapes of High Genus Surfaces. ArXiv Preprint 2019

2. The Spaces of Geodesic Triangulations on Surfaces. ArXiv Preprint 2019




as TA: 

MAT 17ABC Calculus for Biology and Medicine

MAT 21ABCD Calculus

MAT 114 Convex Geometry

MAT 116 Differential Geometry

MAT 141 Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry

MAT 185 Complex Analysis

MAT 180 Analytic Number Theory

as AI: 

MAT 22A Linear Algebra

MAT 22B Differential Equation

MAT 115A Number Theory


2014.9 - now PhD in Applied Mathematics University of California Davis

2013.1 - 2014.5 B.S. in Mathematics University of Utah

2010.9 - 2012.12 School of Math and Physics University of Science and Technology Beijing


Computational Geometry Page

Advice to a Young Mathematician

The Chinese University Press (Hong Kong)