Martin Gebert

University of California, Davis


I'm a Krener Assistant Professor at University of California, Davis working in analysis, spectral theory and operator theory. Before coming to Davis, I was at Queen Mary University of London, King's College London, briefly at ETH Zurich and LMU Munich.


MAT-127A (fall 2019)

MAT-017B (fall 2019)

MAT-127B (Spring 2019)

MAT-017A (Winter 2019)

MAT-017A (Fall 2018)


Have a look at ArXiv and MathSciNet.

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Slides to some talks:

Overview of mathematics of Anderson's orthogonality and open problems: Talk held at Field's institue Toronto 2016. slides

Lower bound on density of states for continuum random Schrödinger operators: Talk held at CRM Montreal 2018. slides

Basic talk about persistence probability of truncated random orthogonal matrices: Talk held at GLaMP 2019. slides