LattE macchiato

An improved version of LattE

LattE is free software dedicated to the problems of counting and detecting lattice points inside convex polytopes, and the solution of integer programs. LattE contains the first ever implementation of Barvinok’s algorithm. LattE stands for “Lattice point Enumeration.” LattE was developed by a team directed by Jesús A. De Loera at UC Davis. See the official LattE web site for more information.

LattE macchiato is an improved version of LattE, derived from the latest release 1.2. It contains the improvements listed below. It was developed from 2006 to 2010.

2011 News: LattE macchiato has now been superseded by the new LattE integrale, version 1.5, available at the LattE site.

Improvements upon LattE



Be sure to install the most recent version. It is self-contained and thus easy to build and install:
tar -xfz latte-for-tea-too-1.2-mk-0.9.3.tar.gz
cd latte-for-tea-too-1.2-mk-0.9.3
When the compilation has finished (it does take a while), you can start using it:
dest/bin/count dest/share/latte/examples/magic4x4


Matthias Köppe (home page)

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