MAT 21B, sections B01-B05

Instructor: Prof. Matthias Koeppe, 3143 MSB, (530) 554-2817

Textbook: Thomas' Calculus: Early Transcendentals, by Weir and Hass (12th edition, Pearson, 2010). We will not use the so-called Media Upgrade provided by the publisher of the book in our class. Sections 4.8, 5.1-5.6, 6.1-6.6, 7.1-7.2, 8.1-8.4, 8.6-8.7, 11.1-11.4 will be covered.

Grade: Course grade will be based on: Homework (20%), Midterm 1 (20%), Midterm 2 (20%), Final (40%). Grading will be on a soft curve, i.e., it is not decided ahead of time what final scores correspond to what grades, or what percentage of students get what grades. Grades will be posted on SmartSite.

Exams: Midterms and final will be written, in class exams. No calculators, other electronic devices, or notes are allowed.

Homework: We use WeBWorK for all (graded!) homework assignments. Homework will be posted continuously. Please check for new homework and the deadlines yourself; it will not be announced in class.

Announcements: We use SmartSite for announcements and further resources.

Students with disabilities: Any student with a documented disability (e.g. physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, etc.) who needs to arrange reasonable accommodations must contact the Student Disability Center (SDC). Faculty are authorized to provide only the accommodations requested by the SDC. If you have any questions, please contact the SDC at (530)752-3184 or by email: sdc at ucdavis dot edu.


No Make-Up Exams: There will be no make-up exams. A missed exam counts as 0 points. If you miss the final you will automatically receive an F.

Lecture schedule: