MAT 145: Combinatorics (Spring 2018)
     MWF 12:10-1:00PM, Haring 1204



TEXTBOOK: Discrete Mathematics by Lovasz, Pelikan, and Vesztergombi

GRADE: Course grade will be based on the following:

I will follow this grading curve (I may add plusses and minuses):

  • 0-40%: F
  • 41-50%: D
  • 51-65%: C
  • 66-80%: B
  • 81-100%: A


Please bear in mind that talking, cellphone ringing, newspaper reading, etc. disrupt the lectures. Use of computers, cellphones, recorders, or any other electronic devices during lectures is not allowed.

If you have any problem at all that requires special accommodation, please let me know well in advance! In particular, the Student Disability Center asked me to post this message:

Material presented in the lectures and on homeworks will be the basis for the exams.

Use of books, notes, calculators, or anything else but pencil and paper, will not be allowed on any exam.

See the Homework assignments page for homework information.

Also, there will be no make-up exams. A missed exam counts as 0 points. If you miss the final you will automatically receive an F. The grade I (Incomplete) will not be given in any circumstances. Be aware that, due to a recent policy change, the grade NS (Enrolled No Work Submitted) no longer exists, so you will receive an F if you submit no work.

Solutions for the midterms will be posted at the materials page.


  • If you want a math department computer account, please visit the class accounts page. You will have access to MATLAB, which is used for almost all computations I do for this class.