Course Information

MWF 10-11a YOUNG 198

Instructor: Mimi Tsuruga
Office Hours: W 2-4p Wellman 115

Special Review Sessions:
Final: T 3/14 3-4p Olson 167; R 3/16 2-4p Wellman 115

Review Notes

Calculus Room

Earth and Planetary Sciences Building, Room 1317

3-7PM 1-4PM 1-7PM Closed 1-6PM

Your TAs

TA name[email] Calculus Room hours
Alto Senda aesenda T 1-4p; F 1-2p
Bohan Zhou bhzhouzhou M 3-4p,5-7p; T 2-3p; W 2-4p,5-7p

Syllabus & Calendars



HW1 HW2 HW3 HW4 HW5 HW6 HW7 HW8 HW9 HW10
Due 1/11 1/18 1/25 2/1 2/8 2/15 2/22 3/1 3/8 3/15

Lecture Notes

Week 1 1/9 1/11 1/13
Week 2 - 1/18 1/20
Week 3 1/23 1/25 M1
Week 4 1/30 2/1 2/3
Week 5 2/6 2/8 2/10
Week 6 2/13 2/15
Week 7 - 2/22 M2
Week 8 2/27
Week 9 3/8
Week 10 Rev

Missing Sections

The e-Text (9th) edition is missing Sections 5.7a, 6.1a, 6.3a, 8.6a.

Practice Tests

Try these practice tests before exams. Solutions to the odd numbered problems can be found on (Go to Applied Series >> Calculus An Applied Approach 9e). Keep in mind that the problems on exams come from homework problems, not these practice tests.

Quiz 1 Test 1
Midterm 1 Test 2 (and all previous tests)
Quiz 2 Test 3
Quiz 3 Test 4
Midterm 2 Test 5 (and all previous tests)
Quiz 4 Test 6, Test 7
Final Test 8 (and all previous tests)


Course Key: ucdavis 0867 6634

IMPORTANT: Students are NOT required to purchase digital access for this course!

Khan Academy

A free Khan Academy class on integral calculus has been created for this class. Note that this coaching class does not cover all the topics in this course.


  • Sign up using your UCDavis google account at
  • Visit (the "Coaches" tab in your profile).
  • In the "Add a coach" field, enter the class code. Class code: SEY5FT
  • You're set. Now click Home to start learning.

Students are NOT required to use the Khan Academy class for this course.

Mathematica Notebooks

The Mathematica demos shown in class will be posted and described here.

You will need Mathematica to use the demos. UC Davis students get a special discount for a limited time. To purchase a student license for the newly released Wolfram Mathematica v.11 Student Desktop edition for a discounted price of $99 (normally $140).


  • Visit
  • Choose a platform.
  • Add the product to the Cart.
  • Upload a proof of your Student Enrollment (e.g., registration receipt, class schedule)
  • Choose an optional Personal License Service, if you want one.
  • Enter the promotion code PD2126 right before checkout.