MAT 290-015: Seminars on Quantum Curves

Spring Quarter 2013. CRN = #49084

Fridays 4:10 PM - 6:00 PM

3106 MSB

Organizer: Motohico Mulase

The idea of quantum curves appear in a paper of Aganagic-Dijkgraaf-Klemm-Mariño-Vafa (2006), and has been further developed by Dijkgraaf-Vafa, Dijkgraaf-Hollands-Sułkowski, Gukov-Sułkowski, and others. In a different language, a similar notion appears in the work of topologist Garoufalidis. In my recent papers with collaborators (Bouchard, Hernández-Serrano, Liu, Shadrin, Spitz, Sułkowski, and others), we have given several mathematically rigorous examples. This seminar aims at establishing mathematical understanding of this notion.

April 12. Motohico Mulase: "Introduction to Quantum Curves."

Abstract: This talk motivates what we want to accomplish this quarter.

April 19. Axel Saenz-Rodriguez: "Quantization of A-Polynomials in Knot Theory."

April 26. Albert Schwarz: "Constructing quantum curves from the string equation and infinite Grassmannians."

May 3. We join the special colloquium at 1147 MSB by S.T. YAU: "The shape of the inner space." What he means by the Inner Space is what we call the Calabi-Yau space.

May 10. No seminar this week.

May 17. Xiaojun Liu: "Quantum curves for the p-q minimal models, after Liu-Schwarz."

May 24. Olivia Dumitrescu: "The Euler characteristic and the Gromov-Witten invariants, after Pandharipande."

May 31. Eric Samperton: "Higher Teichmüller theory, after Fock-Goncharov."