Norman Sheu

Mathematics Ph.D Candidate

Office: 3202 MSB

Email: [my first name then last name]


About Me:

I am a 5th year graduate student interested in differential geometry. My advisor is Adam Jacob.



Math 185A for Professor Temple

Office Hours: Friday 11am-12pm


Past Teaching:

Fall 2019:

Math 21D Section B03 and B05 for Professor Hunter

Spring 2019:

Math 21C Section C01 and C02 for Professor Hass

Winter 2019:

Math 21C Section B01 and B06 for Professor Jacob

Fall 2018:

Math 21A Section E07 for Professor Babson

Fall 2017:

Math 21A Section G06 and G07 for Professor Jacob

Spring 2017

Math 21C Section D04 and D05 for Professor Mulase

Winter 2017

Math 21B Section C01 and C02 for Professor Thompson

Fall 2016

Math 21A Section E04 and E05 for Professor Hass

Spring 2016

Math 16A for Professor Mulase

Winter 2016:

Math 17B Section C04 and C06 for Professor Dad-Del

Fall 2015:

Math 17A Section C03 for Professor Cherney

Math 17B Section A01 for Professor Wei