Math 250C - Algebra

Instructor: Brian Osserman

Lectures: MWF 11:00-11:50am, MSB 3106

CRN: 52761

Office: MSB 3218, e-mail:

Office Hours: M 10-11, W 3-4

TA: Chris Berg MSB 3206 and Eddie Kim MSB 2131

Discussion: R 11:00-11:50am, Veihmeyer 116

TA Office Hours: Chris R 2-3, Eddie W 10:00-11:00

Prerequisites: 250AB or permission of instructor

Required Text: Dummit and Foote, Abstract Algebra

Syllabus: We will begin with a rapid review of basic group theory, and then move on to more advanced topics in group theory, including free groups and presentations, the Sylow theorems, the Jordan-Holder theorem, solvable groups, semidirect products, and profinite groups. We then cover field theory and Galois theory, and if time allows, we will also discuss supplementary topics in commutative algebra such as Grobner bases, Artin rings, and Dedekind domains.

Grading: 100% homework

Homework: Homework will be assigned roughly weekly

Welcome to Math 250C: Algebra

Homework assignments and supplementary notes will be posted here as the course progresses. We will not necessarily follow the textbook closely, so attendance at lecture is strongly encouraged.

Problem sets

Problem sets will be posted here on Fridays, due the following Fridays. You are encouraged to collaborate with other students, as long as you do not simply copy their answers.


I will post here supplemental lecture notes on topics which are not covered in the textbook.