Peter R. Merkx


Department of Mathematics
University of California, Davis
Office: MSB 1105

Current Teaching:
Math 17A: Calculus for BioSci (Fall 2019). Syllabus

Research Interests:
Algebraic geometry, mathematical physics.


4. Pairing 6D SCFTs, (2019) arXiv:1903.00079 [hep-th].
3. Classifying global symmetries of 6D SCFTs, J. High Energy Phys. 03 (2018) 163. arXiv:1711.05155 [hep-th]. Published version.
2. Global symmetries of six dimensional superconformal field theories, University of California, Santa Barbara Doctoral Thesis, September, 2017. Abridged version.
1. (with M. Bertolini and D. R. Morrison), On the global symmetries of 6D superconformal field theories, J. High Energy Phys. 07 (2016) 005, arXiv:1510.08056 [hep-th].


A picture (of the M22 graph):

A moving picture: 2D 'X-ray' from various perscpectives of a very symmetric rigid 8D point arrangement.