Naoki's Recommended Books

  • I'm listing only essential ones that I like;
  • I have a taste for classical styles of mathematics as you can see below;
  • Out-of-print books are indicated by small fonts. I truly hope that they will be republished by some publishers in the near future!
  • General math books, dictionaries, and tables:

    Books on Career Advice, Publishing, English Grammar, etc.:

    True Classics (not categorized):

    Applied Analysis:

    Approximation Theory:

    Bayesian Data Analysis:

    Complex Analysis:

    Continuous vs Discrete Math:

    Data Compression & Information Theory:

    Discrete Math/Graph Theory:

    Fourier/Harmonic Analysis:

    Functional Analysis:

    Geometry & Topology:

    Integral Equations:

    Inverse Problems:

    Lie Theory:

    Linear Algebra:

    Numerical Analysis (general):

    Numerical Linear Algebra:

    Numerical Integration:

    Optimal Transport:

    Pattern Recognition/Statistical Machine Learning:

    PDE (Theory):

    Potential Theory:

    Probability/Stochastic Differential Equations:

    Real Analysis:

    Spectral Geometry:

    Spectral/Eigenvalue Problems:

    Spectral Methods:

    Time Series Analysis:


    Vision Science:

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