MAT 167 Applied Linear Algebra Syllabus Page (Spring 2017)

Course: MAT 167 Applied Linear Algebra
CRN: 78139
Credit Units: 4
Class: MWF 3:10pm-4:00pm, ART 217

Instructor: Naoki Saito
Office: 2142 Math. Sci. Building
Office Hours: MW 4:10pm-5:30pm

TA1: Bohan Zhou (for students whose last name starts from A to J)
Office: 3131 Math. Sci. Building
Office Hours: F 2pm-3pm

TA2: Yunshen Zhou (for students whose last name starts from K to Z)
Office: 3131 Math. Sci. Building
Office Hours: R 3pm-4pm

Course Objectives:




I plan to cover the following topics in the textbook:


Formal attendance will not be taken. However, I strongly encourage you to attend class regularly. I often talk about some of my own experiences and perspectives on linear algebra, which are not really written in the textbook. Also, I plan to distribute handouts from time to time. Whether you are able to attend class or not, you are responsible for all the materials presented in class. While I will try to post class announcements via email or on the class web pages, it is your responsibility to find out what happened if you miss class.
As soon as you know you are going to miss class, send your TA an email indicating which class you will/have miss(ed). Be sure to ask your TA how you can get a hold of the information you need. We may ask you to meet us in our office hours or to contact one of your classmates. However, please stay in contact with us so that we can best help you succeed!

Class Web Page:

I will maintain the Web pages for this course (one of which you are looking at now). All homework assignments and important announcements will be posted on these pages. Please check these pages regularly. You can access the MAT 167 Home Page at from which you can access to this Syllabus Page and Homework Assignment Page.


Discussions/Chat Room in canvas:

We will use the announcements and notification functions of canvas to communicate important information regarding this course. It is your responsibility to check your email/text messages. In addition, we highly recommend that you communicate with your fellow students about the course material. In order to assist you in this process, the canvas page for this course has both a chat room and a discussion/forum page. Please use these resources to discuss the content with your peers. Finally, while electronic communications are very convenient, they should not suffice. Please make it a priority to come to the office hours I offer as well as those that my TAs will be offering. If you cannot make these office hours, contact us to make an appointment. The more frequent and meaningful discussions you have about this material, the better!

Grading Scheme:



There will be one midterm and a final examination. The midterm is scheduled for Monday, May 8 in class. The final exam will be 6pm-8pm, Monday, June 12 (the location will be announced later). Also, be sure to note the following policies:


MATLAB Access:

To use MATLAB, there are a few options:


More MATLAB Information:

For those who have never used MATLAB before or need to brush up their MATLAB knowledge, please take a look at the following highly useful MATLAB primers and tutorials.

Please email me if you have any comments or questions!
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