Mrs. Jacqueline A. Holmgren, Program Manager

***********DEADLINE IS 15 OCTOBER*************

The Director's Summer Program is the National Security Agency's premier outreach to the nation's most outstanding undergraduate mathematics majors. Each summer we invite two dozen exceptional students to collaborate with each other and with NSA mathematicians on problems critical to the intelligence gathering and information assurance missions of the agency. Admission to the 12-week program is highly competitive. Applicants should have a demonstrated superior mathematical aptitude. A full year of abstract algebra and analysis are recommended. Some computer experience is desirable, particularly with C or C++ and mathematical software packages.

The goals of the Director's Summer Program are to:
 * introduce the future leaders of the U.S. mathematics community to the Agency's mission and share with them the excitement of working on mathematics problems of national importance;
 * provide a deep understanding of the vital role that mathematics plays in enabling the Agency to tackle a diverse set of technical challenges;
 * encourage bright undergraduate mathematics majors to continue their study of mathematics and pursue careers in the mathematical sciences; and, of course, to
 * solve current operational problems.

DSP participants work on a wide range of problems in mathematics, cryptology, and communications technology. These problems often involve applications of abstract algebra, geometry, number theory, probability, statistics, combinatorics, graph theory, algorithms, computer science, and analysis. Introductory lectures on modern cryptologic mathematics will be given at the beginning of the summer; at the same time, approximately ten current problems will be presented. Each student will choose one or two as the focus for his or her research. Students are expected to document their work in technical papers which are internally published at the agency.

 Information about the Director's Summer Program is sent to over 300 colleges and universities each year. Because of the lengthy security processing required, the deadline for applications is 15 October each year. To apply, a student should send a resume, at least two letters of recommendation from faculty members familiar with their technical work, and current transcripts. A list of courses which will have been completed by the end of the academic year should also be included. **Students must be U.S. citizens.** All information should be sent to:
Department of Defense
National Security Agency
9800 Savage Road Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-6515
Attn: R1 (DSP), Suite 6515.

The Director's Summer Program is an extremely rewarding summer experience! For additional information, call Mrs. Jacquie Holmgren, Program Manager at (301) 688-0983 or send e-mail to

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