Instructor Teaching assistant Teaching assistant
Name Sonya Berg Mick Petchprom Richard Watson
Time(s) MWF 4:10-5:00pm T 5:10-6:00pm T 6:10-7:00pm
Location Wellman 226 Kerr 293 Olson 158
Email* sberg mpetchprom watson
Office MSB 2145 MSB 3202 MSB 3206
Office hours M 9-10a; W 1-2p; F 3-4p ♦ R 1:30-2:30p
F 2:10-3:00p
♦T 4:30-5:30p

Note: You can attend office hours for the instructor and either of the TAs.
♦ The TAs have their office hours in the Calculus room MSB 1118.

Textbook and Syllabus

The official textbook is Thomas' Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 12th edition.
The official departmental syllabus can be found here. Note that I plan to teach the topics in a slightly different order than the one listed.


  • 10% Homework
  • 25% Midterm 1
  • 25% Midterm 2
  • 40% Final

All grades will be posted on SmartSite.


Homework is turned in online using the application WeBWorK. The great thing about Webwork is that it provides immediate feedback (i.e. immediately tells you if your answer is right or wrong).

First things first, head over to the WeBWorK site for this course and login.

  • Username: your UC Davis MailID
  • Password: your student ID number
After you log in, you can change your password using the "Password/Email" link on the left.

Generally you have an unlimited number of attempts to solve each problem. Every once in awhile, there are only a few possible answers, so I limit the number of attempts. Such problems will be clearly labeled.

Study guides and practice problems

Midterm 1

Practice problems:

Midterm 1 study guide

Practice integrals

Corresponding sections on Midterm 1 from the textbook:

  • 4.8: Antiderivatives
  • 5.5: Indefinite integrals and the substitution method
  • 8.1: Integration by parts
  • 8.2: Trigonometric integrals
  • 7.2: Separable differential equations
  • 5.1: Area and estimating with finite sums
  • 5.2: Sigma notation (no limits on first midterm)

Midterm 2

Practice problems:

Midterm 2 study guide

Table of definite integral properties

Corresponding sections on Midterm 2 from the textbook:

  • 5.2: Sigma notation and limits of finite sums
  • 5.3: The definite integral
  • 5.4: The fundamental theorem of calculus
  • 5.6: Area between curves
  • 6.1: Volumes using cross-sections
  • 6.2: Volumes using cylindrical shells
  • 6.5: Work and fluid forces

Midterm 2 Answers


Practice problems:

Final study guide

Remaining sections on final from the textbook:

  • 6.3: Arc length
  • 8.3: Trigonometric substitutions
  • 8.4: Integration of rational functions by partial fractions
  • 8.7: Improper integrals
  • 6.4: Areas of surface of revolution
  • 6.6: Moments and centers of mass
  • 11.1: Parametrization of plane curves
  • 11.2: Calculus with parametric curves
  • 11.3: Polar coordinates

Final exam (blank)

Final exam (solutions and grading rubric)

After the final is done being graded, I'll post the details of the final curve here.

Exam info

There will be two midterms and a final. No books, notes, or calculators are allowed on exams. No makeup exams are available.
  • Midterm 1 (Week 4): Monday October 21 (in lecture)
  • Midterm 2 (Week 7): Wednesday November 13 (in lecture)
  • Final: Thursday December 12, 3:30-5:30pm

Need help?

As a class, we're going to use Twitter to ask and answer questions. Anyone may ask and anyone may answer. If you don't have an account there, one is easy to set up. Here's the link to my handle, which you should follow. And also the hashtag we will use for this class.

It should go without saying that you shouldn't use the platform to post exact answers to homework problems or say derogatory things about anyone or anything, including math! I will remove any tweets I feel are inappropriate.

There are some great resources available at UC Davis. The math department has a Calculus room in MSB 1118, where teaching assistants are available for homework help. The hours are M-R 1-7p and F 1-6p.

The Learning Skills Center also has a drop-in lab at 26 South Hall where you can receive help. The hours are Monday through Thursday 9am-7pm and Friday 9am-3pm. There are also math specialists available for help during their office hours if you need more. See this schedule. (Will be updated when missing information is filled.)