Numerical analysis of the non-uniform sampling problem

Thomas Strohmer

We give an overview of recent developments in the problem of reconstructing a band-limited signal from non-uniform sampling from a numerical analysis view point. It is shown that the appropriate design of the finite-dimensional model plays a key role in the numerical solution of the non-uniform sampling problem. In the one approach (often proposed in the literature) the finite-dimensional model leads to an ill-posed problem even in very simple situations. The other approach that we consider leads to a well-posed problem that preserves important structural properties of the original infinite-dimensional problem and gives rise to efficient numerical algorithms. Furthermore a fast multilevel algorithm is presented that can reconstruct signals of unknown bandwidth from noisy non-uniformly spaced samples. We also discuss the design of efficient regularization methods for ill-conditioned reconstruction problems. Numerical examples from spectroscopy and exploration geophysics demonstrate the performance of the proposed methods.

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