Application of Time-Reversal with MMSE Equalizer to UWB Communications

Thomas Strohmer, Majid Emami, Jan Hansen, George Papanicolaou and Arogyaswami Paulraj

We propose to apply a technique called time-reversal to UWB communications. In time-reversal a signal is precoded such that it focuses both in time and in space at a particular receiver. Spatial focusing reduces interference to other co-existing systems. Due to temporal focusing, the received power is concentrated within a few taps and the task of equalizer design becomes much simpler than without focusing. Furthermore, temporal focusing allows a large increase in transmission rate compared to schemes that let the impulse response ring out before the next symbol is sent. Our paper introduces time-reversal, investigates the benefit of temporal focusing, and examines the performance of an MMSE-TR equalizer in an UWB channel.

Download the paper as a GNU-ziped postscript file (91262 bytes).