Oversampled Modulated Filter Banks

H. Bölcskei and F. Hlawatsch

Department of Communication and Radio-Frequency Engineering, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria
email: hboelcsk@aurora.nt.tuwien.ac.at

Oversampled filter banks (FBs) offer increased design freedom and noise immunity as compared to critically sampled FBs. Since these advantages come at the cost of greater computational complexity, oversampled FBs allowing an efficient implementation are of particular interest. In this chapter, we discuss oversampled DFT FBs and oversampled cosine modulated FBs (CMFBs) which allow efficient FFT- or DCT/DST-based implementations. We provide conditions for perfect reconstruction and a frame-theoretic analysis. We show that, concerning both perfect reconstruction properties and frame-theore tic properties, oversampled CMFBs are closely related to DFT FBs with twice the oversampling factor.