MATH 216, Geometric Topology

Spring 2014
CRN#: 43092
Physics 130
MWF 12:10-1

Prof. Abigail Thompson
Office: 2220 MSB
Telephone: 530-601-4444 ext 4002

Useful reading

Hatcher, 3-manifold topology

Scharlemann, Heegaard Splittings of Compact 3-manifolds
Handbook of Geometric Topology

Rolsen, Knots and Links
Publish or Perish

Hempel, 3-Manifolds
Princeton University Press

We will start with basic 3-manifold topology, and proceed through some fundamental results in the field through the lens of Heegaard splittings.


There will be two problem sets and a final project.

Office Hours

Office hours are Wednesday 3-5. No office hours on April 16. I can also make appointments outside of the scheduled time.