MATH 16B - Short Calculus

Course Information

  • MATH 16B - 4 (CRN 73939)
    Instructor: Tynan Lazarus
    Office: MSB 3219
    Lecture: MWF 1:10-2:00 pm (Olson 147)
    Office Hours: MWF 3:00-4:00 pm (MSB 3106)
                        Or by appointment



DayDateSections CoveredHomework Due
FridaySeptember 25Intro, Review of 16ANone
MondaySeptember 28Exponential Functions and their DerivativesHomework 1
WednesdaySeptember 30Logarithms and their DerivativesHomework 2
FridayOctober 2Applications of Exp/Log functionsHomework 3
Exponential Properties
Exponential Characteristics
MondayOctober 5Exponential GrowthHomework 4
Log Properties
WednesdayOctober 7Basic AntiderivativesHomework 5
FridayOctober 9U-sub (Part I)Homework 6
MondayOctober 12U-sub (Part II)Homework 7
WednesdayOctober 14IBP (Part I)Homework 8
FridayOctober 16IBP (Part II)Homework 9
MondayOctober 19Trig functionsHomework 10
WednesdayOctober 21Review
Review Solution
In Class Review
In Class Review Solution
Homework 11
FridayOctober 23Midterm
Midterm Solution
MondayOctober 26Partial Fraction DecompositionNone
WednesdayOctober 28Partial Frac Part II, Poly Long Div.Homework 12
FridayOctober 30Definite Integrals, FTC, Area
Definite Integral Properties
Homework 13
MondayNovember 2Areas of regionsHomework 14
WednesdayNovember 4Revolving around x, no holesHomework 15
FridayNovember 6Revolving around y, holesHomework 16
MondayNovember 9Improper Integrals at InfinityHomework 17
WednesdayNovember 11Veteran's DayNo Class
FridayNovember 13Improper Integrals at DiscontinuitiesHomework 18
MondayNovember 16Discrete ProbabilityHomework 19
WednesdayNovember 18Review
Review Solution
In Class Review
In Class Review Solution
Homework 20
FridayNovember 20Midterm
Midterm Solution
MondayNovember 23Continuous Random VariablesNone
WednesdayNovember 25Variance, Std Dev, medianHomework 21
FridayNovember 27Thanksgiving BreakNo Class
MondayNovember 30Integration Tables, Midpoint/Trap/SimpsonsHomework 22
WednesdayDecember 2Wrap-up, Fun stuff!Homework 23
FridayDecember 4Review
Review Solution
In Class Review
In Class Review Solution

There will be an extra review session for the final on Tuesday, December 8 from 3:30-5:30pm in Wellman 1.


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