Geometry, Topology and Complexity of Manifolds, and applications to Biology

conference in honor of the 60th birthday of Joel Hass, UC Davis

May 20-22 (Friday through Sunday), 2016 at UC Berkeley


Ian Agol, University of California, Berkeley
Nina Amenta, University of California, Davis
Dorothy Buck, Imperial College, England
Mike Freedman, Microsoft Research
Patrice Koehl, University of California, Davis
Jeffrey Lagarias, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Nati Linial, Hebrew University, Israel
Curtis McMullen, Harvard University   
Frank Morgan, Williams College
Hyam Rubinstein, University of Melbourne, Australia
Peter Scott, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Organizing Committee:
Rob Kirby, Jeff Lagarias, Max Neumann-Coto, David Hoffman, Hyam Rubinstein, Peter Scott, and Anastasiia Tsvietkova.