Sammy the Graduate Student

Sammy the Graduate Student

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A day in the life of Sammy the Graduate Student (Fall semester 1997)

While travelling (Spring Semester 1998)

More about Sammy the Graduate Student (Spring Semester 1998)

The Complex life and times of Sammy the Graduate Student (November 1998)

A year in the life of Sammy the Graduate Student (January 2000)

Sammy goes to Mathcamp (December 2000-June 2001)

Sammy teaches Calculus (July-September 2001)

Sammy proves the h-cobordism theorem (February 2002)
Possibly the only proof by cartoon! All the major steps are there...but the details are somewhat lacking...

Sammy teaches linear algebra and differential equations
(January-September 2003)
Amazingly, this one has no topology jokes in it whatsoever! Absolutely none! Don't worry though, it's as full of bad jokes as the rest of them... And yes, it was drawn after "Sammy the (n-1)th year Graduate Student", but chronologically it belongs before.

Sammy the (n-1)th year Graduate Student (January 2003)

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After years of hard work Sammy's finally got his PhD, and as soon as I find out what happens to him and find time to draw it you'll be able to read it here. Don't expect to see it any time soon though...

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