Undergraduate Math Contest: The Putnam

The Sixty-Fourth Annual William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition will be held on Saturday, December 6, 2003, in Room 126 Wellman at 8am.

To take the Putnam, you should have signed up by October 14, by signing up online .   You may also send e-mail to contests@math.ucdavis.edu , or use the sign-up sheet in 564 Kerr Hall.
If you did not sign up in time, we encourage you to show up on Dec 6, anyway. You may still be able to take the exam by so long as we have enough extra copies of the exam. (You just might not receive an official rank and score.)

It is the most prestigious college math competition and is open to all undergraduates in the United States and Canada.  (However, no individual may participate in the competition more than four times.) Each year, over 3000 students take the Putnam, and the 25 top-scoring individuals receive awards of up to $750 as well as solicitations from summer employers and graduate programs. It's also a fun, intense, intellectual experience for everyone involved.

More information can be found at the department's math contest page and the Putnam Exam home page    There, you can find information about prizes , what the exam questions are like,  and how they are  graded (with a sample problem displayed).

Please sign up !  (You are not committed to take the exam if you change your mind later.)
Please check out this page that has many handouts and problems.

Online discussion board here! You have received email instructions of how to login. Email us if you have forgotten how.

Thank you,
Math Department