Applied Mathematics Major

Major Requirements and Planning

You can find electronic, interactive degree requirements listed online in the Degree Worksheets portion of OASIS.

You may also use the academic plan sheets below, which include all your major requirements, prerequisites, and quarters that classes are offered.

Printable Degree Worksheet

Sample 4 Year Plan

NOTE: These samples do not include the required courses outside of Mathematics, which varies for each major/degree type.

Year 1
Fall: 21A
Winter: 21B, ENG 6
Spring: 21C, 2-quarter sequence class
Year 2
Fall: 21D, 2-quarter sequence class
Winter: 22A, 108
Spring: 22B, 127A
Year 3
Fall: 127B, ECS 32A
Winter: 127C, 119A
Spring: 2 enrichment classes, upper div non-math class
Year 4
Fall: 150A, 128A
Winter: 185A, 135A
Spring: 128C, capstone

Learning Outcomes and Assessment for the Applied Mathematics Major

Performance Assessment