UC Davis Mathematics

Upcoming Seminars

Wed, Mar 3, 4:10PM - Zoom
Math Physics : Natalia Cardona-Tobón, CIMAT
Yaglom's limit for critical Galton-Watson processes in varying environment: A probabilistic approach

Thu, Mar 4, 4:10AM - ZOOM
Applied & PDEs : Raissa M. D'Souza, UC-Davis/Santa Fe
Mathematical models of opinion dynamics and social instabilities

Thu, Mar 4, 9:30AM - Zoom
Disc. Math : Anastasia Chavez, UC Davis
On the Lattice of Cycles of an Undirected Graph

Thu, Mar 4, 1:10PM - Zoom
Applied & PDEs : Raj Beekie, Courant, NYU
Long-time behavior of scalar conservation laws with critical dissipation

Fri, Mar 5, 11:00AM - Meeting ID: 951 6481 0258
QMAP : Laura Fredrickson, University of Oregon
ALG Gravitational Instantons and Hitchin Moduli Spaces

Mon, Mar 8, 2:10PM - Zoom
Math Bio. : Cora Brown, University of Minnesota and C.H. Robinson
Swimming Bacteria in Confined Chromonic Liquid Crystal: Modeling and Analysis

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