A crystal basis, an object arising in the representation theory of quantum groups.
The mixing of a visco-elastic fluid through the onset of an oscillatory instability.
A non-standard double bubble which satisfies the laws for the formation of soap bubbles.
Simulation of copper colliding with tin computed using numerical methods.

Upcoming Seminars

Wed, Apr 16, 12:10PM - MSB 2112
Student App/Math : Kevin Luli, UC Davis
Whitney Extension from 1934 to Present

Wed, Apr 16, 4:10PM - MSB 3106
Math Physics : Sebastien Roch, University of Wisconsin
Maximum likelihood in phylogenetics: Relating combinatorial and variational distances on trees

Thu, Apr 17, 4:10PM - MSB 2112
String Theory : Sebastian Franco, Durham
A New Class of QFTs: from D-branes to the Geometry of Scattering Amplitudes

Thu, Apr 17, 4:10PM - MSB 3106
Applied & PDEs : Philip Isett, MIT
Recent progress towards Onsager's Conjecture

Mon, Apr 21, 12:10PM - MSB 2112
Disc. Math : Avinash Bhardwaj, Univ. of California, Berkeley
On Network Design with Stochastic Arc Capacities.

Mon, Apr 21, 3:10PM - MSB 2112
Math Bio. : Colleen Clancy, Dept. of Pharmacology, UC Davis
Modeling and Simulation for Therapeutics

...more seminars