UC Davis Mathematics

Upcoming Seminars

Mon, Nov 2, 2:10PM - Online (Zoom)
Math Bio. : Tracy Stepien, University of Florida
Spreading Mechanics and Differentiation of Astrocytes During Retinal Development

Mon, Nov 2, 2:30PM - Virtual MSB
Special : John Etnyre, Georgia Institute of Technology
Legendrian Cables - NCSGS I

Mon, Nov 2, 4:00PM - Virtual MSB
Special : Eric Zaslow, Northwestern University
Branes, Wavefunctions, Sheaves, Clusters - NCSGS II

Tue, Nov 3, 1:10PM - zoom
Geometry : Juanita Pinzón Caicedo, University of Notre Dame
Comparing the topological and the smooth 4-genus of satellite knots.

Tue, Nov 3, 4:10PM - Zoom Lecture
Data & Dec. : Patrick Flaherty, U Mass (Math/Stat)
MAP Clustering under the Gaussian Mixture Model via Mixed Integer Programming

Wed, Nov 4, 12:00PM - Virtual MSB
Alg. Geometry : Iva Halacheva, Northeastern University

...more seminars

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