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Upcoming Seminars

Tue, Jan 19, 9:30AM -
Data & Dec. : Sophie Huiberts, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI)
Theoretical analysis of integer programming

Tue, Jan 19, 11:00AM - zoom 914 6333 6569
Alg. Geometry : Andrey Smirnov, UNC
Elliptic stable envelope for Hilbert scheme of points in the complex plane and 3D mirror symmetry.

Tue, Jan 19, 12:10PM - Zoom
Fac. Research : Martin Fraas, UC Davis
Anyons in Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

Tue, Jan 19, 1:10PM - Zoom
Geometry : Colin Adams, Williams College
Lower Bounds on Volumes of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds or What We Did During the Summer of Covid

Wed, Jan 20, 4:10PM - Zoom
Math Physics : Michael Aizenman, Princeton
A 2D system of random loops with projections onto different classical and quantum spin chain models

Thu, Jan 21, 9:30AM - Zoom
Disc. Math : Stephen Griffeth, Universidad de Talca
Special parameters for rational Cherednik algebras

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