Relativistic Shock Waves
Shock Waves Striking Perturbed Surface
Simulations of the Stokes-Oldroyd-B Model
Affine Symmetric Groups in Representation Theory
Non-standard Bubble That Satisfies Standard Laws
Crystal Basis Used in Representation Theory

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Upcoming Seminars

Fri, Mar 6, 4:10PM - MSB 1147
GGAM Colloq. : C. David Levermore, University of Maryland
Scattering Theory for the Boltzmann Equation and the Arrow of Time

Sat, Mar 7, 10:00AM - MSB 3106
: Evan Angelico, UC Davis
Groups, particles, and the Eightfold Way

Mon, Mar 9, 1:10PM - Physics 432
Special : Jonathan Heckman, UNC Chapel Hill
Effective Field Theories From String Compactification

Mon, Mar 9, 3:10PM - MSB 2112
Math Bio. : Becca Thomases, Mathematics Department, UC Davis
Microorganism locomotion in viscoelastic fluids

Mon, Mar 9, 4:10PM - MSB 1147
Applied & PDEs : Jean-François Remacle, Rice University
GPU accelerated adaptive spectral finite elements on all-hex meshes

Tue, Mar 10, 1:10PM - MSB 2112
Student Geo. : Eric Samperton, UC Davis
Computational complexity and 3-manifolds and zombies

...more seminars