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Holiday Closure

Please note that the Mathematics Department Administrative Office will be closed Dec 21, 2020 through January 1, 2021 due to UC Davis curtailment.

Coronavirus Information

UC Davis Coronavirus information for the community

Math Sciences Building entrance policy

Required: UCD Symptom Survey for building entrance

Required, Campus Employees/Students: Weekly rapid saliva-based COVID-19 test for building entrance

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News & Events

Upcoming Seminars

Mon, Nov 30, 2:10PM - Online (Zoom)
Math Bio. : Laura Miller, University of Arizona
Using computational fluid dynamics to understand muscle driven movement by soft tissues and bodies: Case studies in tubular hearts and jellyfish

Tue, Dec 1, 1:10PM - zoom
Geometry : Jeff Meier, Western Washington University
Trisections as singular branched covers

Tue, Dec 1, 4:10PM - Zoom Lecture
Data & Dec. : Guido Montufar, UCLA (Math)
Optimal Transport to Independence Models

Wed, Dec 2, 11:00AM - Virtual MSB
Alg. Geometry : Pavlo Pylyavskyy, University of Minnesota

Wed, Dec 2, 4:10PM - Zoom lecture
Math Physics : Karl Liechty, DePaul University
Airy process with wanderers, KPZ, and random matrices

Thu, Dec 3, 10:00AM - Zoom lecture
Disc. Math : Guy Kindler, Hebrew U in Jerusalem

...more seminars

Principles of Community

The Mathematics Department is committed to the Principles of Community.