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Upcoming Seminars

Wed, Oct 17, 12:10PM - MSB 2112
Student App/Math : Colin Hagemeyer, UC Davis
Understanding Representations of Lie and Quantum Groups Using Spiders

Wed, Oct 17, 1:10PM - MSB 2112
Alg. Geometry : Cheng-Chiang Tsai, Stanford University
Local compactified Jacobians of planar curve singularities and harmonic analysis

Wed, Oct 17, 3:10PM - MSB 2112
Math Physics : Li-Cheng Tsai, Columbia University
Lower-tail large deviations of the KPZ equation

Thu, Oct 18, 12:10PM - MSB 2112
Student Geo. : Tommy Hogan, UC Davis
A geometric perspective on adversarial perturbations

Thu, Oct 18, 3:10PM - MSB 2112
Applied & PDEs : Annalaura Stingo, UC Davis
Global existence of small solutions to a model wave-Klein-Gordon system in 2D

Fri, Oct 19, 12:00PM - MSB 2112
QMAP : Saebyeok Jeong, SUNY Stony Brook/Simons Center
Opers, surface defects, and Yang-Yang functional

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