Relativistic Shock Waves
Predicting Muscle Contractions
The Perfect Wave
Shock Waves Striking Perturbed Surface
Simulations of the Stokes-Oldroyd-B Model
Affine Symmetric Groups in Representation Theory

Upcoming Seminars

Wed, May 27, 4:30PM - MSB 1147
Math Physics : Douglas Rizzolo, University of Washington
The structure of random Young tableaux with bounded height

Wed, May 27, 11:00PM - MSB tba
Disc. Math : Rob Denomme, UCLA
The Demazure character formula and 2-Lie algebras

Fri, May 29, 12:10PM - MSB 2112
Student App/Math : Steffen Docken, UC Davis
Modeling Binding of Antiarrhythmic Drugs and Their Affect on Cardiac Rhythms

...more seminars