Upcoming Seminars

Mon, Oct 25, 11:00AM - MSB 1147
Disc. Math : Alex Chandler, UC Davis
Doubly Periodic Tableaux and Representations of the Type A DAHA

Mon, Oct 25, 1:10PM - MSB 2112 & zoom livestream
Math Bio. : Tim Lewis, Mariel Vasquez, Rishidev Chaudhuri, University of California, Davis
Mathematical Biology Meet & Greet - Part II

Tue, Oct 26, 11:00AM - Zoom
Alg. Geometry : Timothy Logvinenko, Cardiff University
The Heisenberg category of a category

Tue, Oct 26, 4:10PM - Zoom
Geometry : Martin Scharlemann, UCSB
Generating the Goeritz group

Wed, Oct 27, 4:10PM - MSB 2112
Math Physics : Greta Panova, University of Southern California
Sorting probabilities and random walks

Thu, Oct 28, 11:00AM - MSB 2112
Student Research : Joseph Pappe

...more seminars

Principles of Community

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