Upcoming Seminars

Wed, May 4, 3:10PM - MSB 2112
Math Physics : Peter Koroteev, UC Davis
Integrable Many-Body Systems and Dualities

Thu, May 5, 3:10PM - MSB 2112
String Theory : Chi-Ming Chang, Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics, UC Berkeley

Mon, May 9, 4:10PM - MSB 1147
Disc. Math : Craig Timmons, CSU Sacramento
Error Correcting Codes and Finite Geometry

Tue, May 10, 11:00AM - MSB 3106
Student Geo. : Alex Zupan, University of Nebraska
Trisection, handle decompositions, and Dehn surgery

Tue, May 10, 1:10PM - MSB 2112
Geometry : Alex Zupan, Univ of Nebraska
Generalized Property R and trisections of the 4-sphere

Wed, May 11, 11:10AM - MSB 2112
Student App/Math : Jake Miller, UC Davis

...more seminars