Upcoming Seminars

Thu, Jan 24, 12:30PM - MSB 2112
Student App/Math : Graham Hawkes, UC Davis
Characterization of Queer Supercrystals.

Fri, Jan 25, 4:10PM - MSB 2112
Applied & PDEs : Kevin O'Neill, UC Berkeley
A Sharpened Inequality for Twisted Convolution

Mon, Jan 28, 12:10PM - MSB 2112
Disc. Math : Rafael Oliveira, University of Toronto
Scaling problems and applications to extremal combinatorics

Tue, Jan 29, 11:00AM - MSB 3106
Student Geo. : Nur Saglam, UC Riverside
Lefschetz fibrations

Tue, Jan 29, 1:30PM - MSB 2112
Geometry : Nur Saglam, UC Riverside
Constructions of Lefschetz fibrations using cyclic group actions

Tue, Jan 29, 4:10PM - MSB 1147
Data & Dec. : Ilan Adler, UC Berkeley
A simple reduction of wide range of optimization, engineering and economics problems to Bimatrix Games.

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