UC Davis Mathematics

Upcoming Seminars

Thu, Apr 22, 10:00AM - Zoom
Disc. Math : Hanson Smith, University of Connecticut
Monogeneity and Torsion

Thu, Apr 22, 11:00AM - MSB (Online)
Student Research : Jack Wesley, UC Davis
Algebraic and Boolean Certificates for Ramsey Numbers

Thu, Apr 22, 12:10PM - Zoom
Student PDE : Richard Zhang, MIT
Analytic Solutions to the Laplace, Poisson, and Biharmonic Equations with Internal Boundaries: Theory and Application to Microfluidic Dynamics

Thu, Apr 22, 1:10PM - Zoom
Applied & PDEs : Anxo Biasi, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Jagiellonian University
Self-Similar Solutions to the Compressible Euler Equation and their Instabilities

Fri, Apr 23, 4:10PM - Zoom-o-verse 918 3509 0938
QMAP : Tatsuki Kuwagaki, Osaka University
Sheaf quantization and exact WKB analysis

Mon, Apr 26, 2:10PM - Zoom
Math Bio. : Tim Lewis, Becca Thomases, Emmet Francis, UC Davis
MathBio Mini-Talks

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