Upcoming Seminars

Mon, May 10, 2:10PM - Zoom
Math Bio. : Stephanie Palmer, University of Chicago
Information bottlenecks and learnability in sensing in biology

Tue, May 11, 11:00AM - zoom
Alg. Geometry : Sebastian Torres, University of Massachusetts
Bott vanishing using GIT and quantization

Tue, May 11, 12:00PM - Zoom
Special : Lillian Pierce, Duke University
March, April, May…March, April, May. A case study.

Tue, May 11, 12:10PM - Zoom
Fac. Research : Joseph Biello

Tue, May 11, 1:10PM - Zoom
Geometry : Neil Hoffman, Oklahoma State University
Recovering knot diagrams from triangulations

Wed, May 12, 4:10PM - zoom
Math Physics : Shirshendu Ganguly, UC Berkeley
Stability and chaos in dynamical last passage percolation

...more seminars