The Department of Mathematics provides educational resources for Department members, as well as sometimes extending these to the community at large.

Educational Resources

We maintain a list of resources for math help, as well as outreach, clubs and other social gatherings with an eye towards improving your math skills. We also have a list of math tutors who often offer instruction to a wide variety of ages.

Computer Resources

Computers are an integral part of the UC Davis Mathematics Department. From differential equations to analysis, all areas of math rely in some way on computers. Our central servers are built and maintained for stability, speed and security, providing access to mathematical software and other applications for use by math students, faculty and staff alike.

We maintain an Undergraduate lab housing 30 workstations that allow students to run their programs from our servers. Three Linux Servers provide the horsepower for the lab, allowing students access to a variety of mathematical software. The lab is located in room 2118 of the Mathematical Sciences Building. Lab hours are 9-5, Monday to Friday. Mathematics faculty can make reservations by sending class name, date and time to Special software requirements or accounts should be sent to at least one business day before the software is needed.

These facilities are available to Math Majors and undergraduates taking Math classes that involve computing projects. Math Majors who want a long term account should send email to People in the above classes who are not math majors should contact their professor. Anyone else is eligible for computing accounts for the core campus labs through Information and Educational Technology.