Academic Associates


Krener Assistant Professors

Photo of Alvarado
Enrique Alvarado
Office: MSB 2143
Photo of Capovilla-Searle
Orsola Capovilla-Searle
Office: MSB 3135
Photo of Chandler
Alex Chandler
Office: MSB 3218
Edward Goldsmith
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Office: MSB 2149
Photo of Griffin
Sean Griffin
Algebraic Combinatorics, Algebraic Geometry
Office: MSB 3138
Photo of Islambouli
Gabriel Islambouli
Office: MSB 2214
Photo of Marsico
David Marsico
Office: MSB 3149
Photo of Martin
Daniel Martin
Office: MSB 2151
Photo of Martinez-Granado
Didac Martinez-Granado
Office: MSB 3146
Photo of McDonough
Alex McDonough
Office: MSB 2224
Anna Parlak
Low-dimensional topology
Office: MSB 2226
Photo of Rickard
Calum Rickard
Office: MSB 2144
Photo of Schonsheck
Stefan Schonsheck
Office: MSB 3149
Photo of Weng
Daping Weng
Cluster algebras
Office: MSB 3151
Luze Xu
Mixed-integer Programming
Office: MSB 2147
Melissa Zhang
Office: msb 2145


Our Department has a number of different types of teaching staff, researchers and postdocs which enrich our academic environment.