Travel Expense Form

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  • Travel expenses should be reported as soon as your trip concludes, and within 30 days of return.
  • Read here for more information on receipts to include.
  • If you are traveling on university business, you must have registered your trip, at the Global Affairs website. For international travel, you must have registered three weeks before the intended travel dates. If travel is not registered, the traveler may experience a delay or forfeiture of reimbursement of travel expenses, or a delay in the ability of UCD to provide support in the event of an emergency.

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Once you have completed this form, and it has begun processing, you will be notified via email for an electronic signature.

Important: The address you provide should be a valid mailing address, where the reimbursement check will be sent.

  • Your mailing address should include everything necessary for delivery, including apartment number or unit if applicable, to ensure delivery of your reimbursement check.
General Information
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  • If travel is to a conference, workshop, of seminar, upload a copy of the flyer or include a link to it in the Purpose of Travel section.
    If travel is to collaborate, name the collaborator(s) and the collaborator's institution.
Travel and Lodging Expenses

Indicate travel and lodging expenses below, choosing what type of expenses they are as appropriate, and the initial date the cost was incurred.

  • Airline, lodging, rental car, and registration expenses require receipts.
  • Other transportation expenses over $75 require receipts. (Bus, train, taxi, etc.)

  • If claiming mileage, please include origin and destination addresses in the comment section.
  • x $0.67 per mile (as of 1/1/2024)
Meals and Incidentals

  • Amount must be entered each day for which an expense is claimed.
  • Maximum daily amount for domestic travel is $79, based on actual expenses. (As of 9/9/2022.)
  • Averaging cost across days is not allowed.
  • Meals and Incidentals can only be claimed if travel is overnight or longer.
  • Per Diem: Per policy, the UC does not reimburse by per diem unless the travel is in excess of one year. For trips less than one year, the UC reimburses actual expenses up to the US State Department's allowable limit for the region. Read campus policy about Per Diem.

Accounts and Receipts
  • If funds are from a faculty account, upload faculty's approval email in the receipt section.

Please upload receipts for Airfare, Lodging, Local Transportation and Rental Car Expenses, Authorization for use of travel funds, and Flier/Agenda from Event.

You may include single or multiple receipts in a single photo or scan, and/or upload electronic receipts. Please make sure the receipts are legible before submitting.