K-12 Outreach

Middle school and high schoolers who enjoy a good problem should join M-PACT for some math activitys, or for a more intense immersion, AMC preparation for practice in the Math Olympiad.

View some of UC Davis' other K-12 programs on their website.


Community and Inclusiveness

Fostering a sense of community is important, and we encourage checking out these resources.


Love Math? Teach Math!

Teachers looking for professional development should look to the UC Davis Mathematics Project.

Undergraduates can look to CalTeach/MAST to pursue coursework, experience, or advice on becoming a teacher.


Undergraduate Opportunities

There are a lot of activities and resources for undergraduates at UC Davis. Check our undergrad-specific list.


What math courses should I take before college?

To satisfy UC requirements, take three years of college-preparatory mathematics (details here). If you expect to major in math or science, consider taking pre-calculus while still in high school, and ideally trigonometry and calculus as well.

Don't simply memorize formulas and practice easy problems; try to be sure you know where the formulas come from and how all of the mathematics you are learning fits together.

While still in high school, you can take courses at UC Davis!

This is done through the UC Extension's Open Campus. Make sure to discuss this with your counselor and your parents/guardians.

Financing a UC Education

The University of California is committed to helping all academically eligible students attend college, regardless of their economic circumstances. To find out more about managing the cost of your college education, take a look as these helpful links:

Admissions Information for the University of California

Paying for University of California