Mathematics Colloquia and Seminars

PDE and Applied Math SeminarS. Shkoller (F, S), S. Iyer (F, W)
Algebra & Discrete MathematicsE. Gorskiy, A. McDonough (F), S. Griffin (S)
Algebraic GeometryE. Gorskiy, E. Carlsson (S)
Geometry/TopologyL. Starkston (F), M. Kapovich (W), D. Martinez-Granado (S)
Mathematical BiologyR. Guy (F), C. Heggerud (W), M. Vazquez (S)
Mathematics of Data & DecisionsM. Koeppe (F), S. Schonsheck (W), T. Strohmer (S)
Optimization(Special topics only)
ProbabilityA. Wein (F, S), B. Morris (W)
QMAP SeminarA. Waldron (F), B. Nachtergaele (S)
ColloquiumJ. Hass, D. Romik
GGAM Colloquium
Distinguished Lecture SeriesJ. Hass, D. Romik
Faculty Research Seminar
Student-Run Research SeminarI. Sullivan, W. Niu, S. Kim
Student-Run Geometry/Topology Seminar
Student-Run Combinatorics & AlgebraM. Bechtloff Weising, J. Pappe
Student-Run Analysis & PDER. Moreno-Vasquez, R. Ramani
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Special Events

Upcoming Talks

MSB 2112ProbabilityPromit Ghosal, MIT
Tue, Jun 6 2023, 1:10PMEntropic Optimal Transport: Geometry, large deviation & Rate
QMAP/PSEL 3024QMAP SeminarAlex Thomson, UC Davis
Tue, Jun 6 2023, 4:10PMThe dramatic effect of spin-orbit coupling in correlated graphene
MSB 2112Special EventsLeo He, UC Davis
Wed, Jun 7 2023, 1:10PMPh.D. Exit Seminar: High-dimensional scaling limits and fluctuations of online least-squares SGD
MSB 2112Algebraic GeometryAlexei Oblomkov, UMass
Wed, Jun 7 2023, 4:10PMA unified perspective on knot homology
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyMaggie Miller, Stanford University
Thu, Jun 8 2023, 1:10PMSplitting spheres in $S^4$
ZoomPDE and Applied Math SeminarDaniel Ginsberg, Princeton
Thu, Jun 8 2023, 4:10PMThe stability of model shocks and the Landau law of decay
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyJennifer Schultens, UC Davis
Tue, Mar 12 2024, 1:10PMFlipping Heegaard splittings