Mathematics Colloquia and Seminars

PDE and Applied Math SeminarS. Iyer (F/W), S. Shkoller (W/S)
Algebra & Discrete MathematicsS. Griffin, A. McDonough, A. Schilling (F)
Algebraic GeometryE. Carlsson, R. Casals, J. Li
Geometry/TopologyA. Jacob, J. Hass (F)
Mathematical BiologyC. Heggerud (F), R. Guy (W), R. Chaudhuri (S)
Mathematics of Data & DecisionsM. Koeppe, Y. Shi
Optimization(Special topics only)
ProbabilityB. Morris, A. Soshnikov
Mathematical Physics SeminarA. Waldron, M. Fraas, D. Spiegel
ColloquiumJ. Biello, A. Thompson
GGAM Colloquium
Distinguished Lecture SeriesJ. Biello, A. Thompson
Faculty Research Seminar
Graduate Success SeminarA. Wein
Student-Run Research SeminarS. Kim, I. Sullivan
Student-Run Geometry/Topology Seminar
Student-Run Combinatorics & Algebra
Student-Run Analysis & PDE
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Upcoming Talks

MSB 3106Student-Run Research SeminarBrian Knight, UC Davis
Wed, Feb 28 2024, 1:10PMRobust 2D Phase Estimation and Demodulation with the Structure Multivector
MSB 1147Algebraic GeometryYunqing Tang, UC Berkeley
Thu, Feb 29 2024, 3:10PMThe arithmetic of power series and applications
ZoomPDE and Applied Math SeminarMikhail Feldman, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Thu, Feb 29 2024, 4:10PMShock reflection and free boundary problems: Short Course Part 5
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyLucas Medeiros, University of California Santa Cruz
Mon, Mar 4 2024, 11:00AMUnderstanding the impact of disturbances on ecosystems via data-driven theory
MSB 1147Graduate Success SeminarSlobodan Mitrović & Luis Rademacher
Mon, Mar 4 2024, 12:10PMGGAM Advisor/Mentor Seminar
QMAP 3024Mathematical Physics SeminarEric Chen, Berkeley
Mon, Mar 4 2024, 3:00PMThe CR Neumann problem on the domain in S^3 bounded by the Clifford torus
MSB 2112Algebra & Discrete MathematicsTimothy Blanton, UC Davis
Tue, Mar 5 2024, 1:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyQiuyu Ren, UC Berkeley
Tue, Mar 5 2024, 2:10PMTBA
PSEL 1025Mathematics of Data & DecisionsJoe Kileel, UT Austin
Tue, Mar 5 2024, 3:10PMCovering Number of Real Algebraic Varieties and Applications to Data Science
MSB 3106Student-Run Research SeminarSoyeon Kim, UC Davis
Wed, Mar 6 2024, 1:10PMCombinatorial invariance for $q$ term in Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials in any Coxeter group
MSB 1147Algebraic GeometryPeter Zenz, Stanford
Wed, Mar 6 2024, 2:10PMTBA
PSEL 1025Mathematics of Data & DecisionsYi Ma, HKU & UC Berkeley
Wed, Mar 6 2024, 4:10PMTransparent and consistent deep representation learning: From black-box to white-box, from open-loop to closed-loop
ZoomPDE and Applied Math SeminarArthur J. Krener, Naval Postgraduate School
Thu, Mar 7 2024, 4:10PMPoint Stabilization of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation by Linear Quadratic Regulation
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJody Reimer (Postponed to Fall 2024), University of Utah
Mon, Mar 11 2024, 11:00AMTBA
MSB 1147Graduate Success SeminarHans Müller & Mina Karzand
Mon, Mar 11 2024, 12:10PMGGAM Advisor/Mentor Seminar
QMAP 3024Mathematical Physics SeminarMarkus Pflaum, University of Colorado Boulder
Mon, Mar 11 2024, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyCatherine Cannizzo, UC Berkeley
Tue, Mar 12 2024, 2:10PMTBA
Zoom Mathematics of Data & DecisionsAdam Yala, UC Berkeley & UCSF
Tue, Mar 12 2024, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 3106Student-Run Research SeminarTonie Scroggin, UC Davis
Wed, Mar 13 2024, 1:10PMTBA
MSB 1147Algebraic GeometryWenyuan Li, University of Southern California
Wed, Mar 13 2024, 2:10PMTBA
PSEL 1025Mathematics of Data & DecisionsHao Chen, UC Davis (Statistics)
Tue, Mar 19 2024, 3:10PMTBA
ZoomMathematics of Data & DecisionsLexing Ying, Stanford University
Tue, Apr 2 2024, 3:10PMTBA
MSB TBAAlgebra & Discrete MathematicsMilen Yakimov, Northeastern University
Tue, Apr 9 2024, 2:10PMTBA
PSEL 1025Mathematics of Data & DecisionsRene Vidal, University of Pennsylvania
Tue, Apr 9 2024, 3:10PMLearning Dynamics and Implicit Bias of Gradient Flow in Overparameterized Linear Models
MSB TBAAlgebra & Discrete MathematicsEric Rains, Caltech
Tue, Apr 16 2024, 2:10PMTBA
MSB TBAAlgebra & Discrete MathematicsLuke Conners, University of North Carolina
Tue, Apr 23 2024, 2:10PMTBA
PSEL 1025Mathematics of Data & DecisionsArthur Krener, UC Davis
Tue, Apr 23 2024, 3:10PMTBA
MSB TBAAlgebra & Discrete MathematicsMaria Gillespie, Colorado State University
Fri, Apr 26 2024, 2:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyChao-Ming Lin, Ohio State University
Tue, Apr 30 2024, 2:00PMOn the solvability of general inverse $\sigma_k$ equations
PSEL 1025Mathematics of Data & DecisionsYubei Chen, UC Davis
Tue, Apr 30 2024, 3:10PMTBA
QMAP 3024Mathematical Physics SeminarIsrael Michael Sigal, University of Toronto
Mon, May 6 2024, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyJoshua Green, Boston College
Tue, May 7 2024, 2:10PMTBA
MSB TBAAlgebra & Discrete MathematicsChris Bowman, University of York
Tue, May 7 2024, 2:10PMTBA
PSEL 1025Mathematics of Data & DecisionsShixuan Zhang, Texas A&M University
Tue, May 7 2024, 3:10PMTBA
PSEL 1025Mathematics of Data & DecisionsSpencer Frei, UC Davis
Tue, May 21 2024, 3:10PMTBA