Mathematics Colloquia and Seminars

PDE and Applied Math SeminarS. Iyer (F), B. Temple (W), S. Shkoller (S)
Algebra & Discrete MathematicsE. Gorskiy, A. Chandler, S. Griffin (F)
Algebraic GeometryE. Gorskiy (F), E. Carlsson (W), D. Weng (S)
Geometry/TopologyA. Thompson (F), M. Kapovich (W), A. Jacob (S)
Mathematical BiologyK. Link (F), S. Dodson (W), R. Chaudhuri (S)
Mathematical Physics & ProbabilityB. Morris, D. Blanquicett
Mathematics of Data & DecisionsM. Koeppe (F), L. Rademacher (W)
Optimization(Special topics only)
QMAP SeminarA. Waldron, B. Nachtergaele (F)
ColloquiumS. Shkoller, J. Teran
GGAM Colloquium
Distinguished Lecture SeriesS. Shkoller, J. Teran
Faculty Research SeminarM. Kapovich, E. Gorskiy
Student-Run Research SeminarJ. Hughes
Student-Run Geometry/Topology Seminar
Student-Run Analysis & PDE
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Upcoming Talks

Zoom Mathematics of Data & DecisionsAlex Wang, CMU
Thu, Jan 20 2022, 4:10PMAccurately and Efficiently Solving Structured Nonconvex Optimization Problems
ZOOMQMAP SeminarBenjamin McMillan, University of Adelaide
Fri, Jan 21 2022, 3:00PMCalabi operators for locally symmetric spaces
Zoom Mathematics of Data & DecisionsMarch Boedihardjo, UC Irvine
Fri, Jan 21 2022, 4:10PMTBA
Zoom Mathematical BiologyChristopher Heggerud, UC Davis
Mon, Jan 24 2022, 2:10PMModelling Phytoplankton Across Many Scales: Transient Dynamics and Human Interactions
Zoom (see below) ZoomFaculty Research SeminarNaoki Saito, UC Davis
Tue, Jan 25 2022, 12:10PMApplied & Computational Harmonic Analysis on Graphs and Networks
Zoom ZoomGeometry/TopologyAlexander Kolpakov, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Tue, Jan 25 2022, 1:10PMSpace vectors forming rational angles
ZoomAlgebraic GeometryMark de Cataldo
Wed, Jan 26 2022, 11:00AMTBA
Zoom Mathematical Physics & ProbabilityFraydoun Rezakhanlou, UC Berkeley
Wed, Jan 26 2022, 1:10PMRandom Tessellations and Gibbsian Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations
QMAP SeminarEmanuele Latini
Fri, Jan 28 2022, 11:00AMTBA
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyKyle Dahlin, University of Georgia
Mon, Jan 31 2022, 2:10PMTBA
MSB 1147Algebra & Discrete MathematicsSarah Brauner, University of Minnesota
Mon, Jan 31 2022, 2:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Faculty Research SeminarZhaojun Bai, UC Davis
Tue, Feb 1 2022, 12:10PMTBA
Zoom ZoomGeometry/TopologyJennifer Schultens, UC Davis
Tue, Feb 1 2022, 1:10PMTBA
MSB 3106Mathematical Physics & ProbabilityBenson Au, UC Berkeley
Wed, Feb 2 2022, 4:30PMSpectral asymptotics for contracted tensor ensembles
QMAP/PSEL 3024QMAP SeminarMaciej Zworski, UC Berkeley
Fri, Feb 4 2022, 11:00AMMagic angles for a model of twisted bilayer graphene
MSB 1147Algebra & Discrete MathematicsAndres Vindas Melendez, Berkeley
Mon, Feb 7 2022, 2:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Faculty Research SeminarSameer Iyer, UC Davis
Tue, Feb 8 2022, 12:10PMTBA
QMAP/PSEL+ZOOM 3204QMAP SeminarRoberto Bonnezzi, Humboldt University, Berlin
Fri, Feb 11 2022, 11:00AMTBA
zoom Algebra & Discrete MathematicsMadeline Brandt, Brown
Mon, Feb 14 2022, 2:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Faculty Research SeminarThomas Strohmer, UC Davis
Tue, Feb 15 2022, 12:10PMTBA
Zoom ZoomGeometry/TopologyBruno Martelli, Università di Pisa
Tue, Feb 15 2022, 1:10PMHyperbolic 5-manifolds that fiber over the circle
MSB 2112Student-Run Research SeminarJenny Brown, UC Davis
Thu, Feb 17 2022, 12:10PMTBA
PSEL/QMAP 3024QMAP SeminarJie Qing, Santa Cruz
Fri, Feb 18 2022, 11:00PMTBA
MSB 2112Faculty Research SeminarAlbert Fannjiang, UC Davis
Tue, Feb 22 2022, 12:10PMTBA
Geometry/TopologyBeibei Liu, Georgia Tech
Tue, Feb 22 2022, 1:10PMTBA
Zoom Mathematical BiologyAbhishek Mallela, UC Davis
Tue, Feb 22 2022, 2:10PMExit Seminar: TBA
QMAP/PSEL 3024QMAP SeminarSvetlana Jitomirskaya, UC Irvine
Fri, Feb 25 2022, 11:00AMTBA
zoom Algebra & Discrete MathematicsMartha Yip, University of Kentucky
Mon, Feb 28 2022, 2:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Faculty Research SeminarTim Lewis, UC Davis
Tue, Mar 1 2022, 12:10PMTBA
MSB 1147Geometry/TopologyThomas Mattman, California State University, Chico
Tue, Mar 1 2022, 1:10PMTBA
PSEL/QMAP 3024QMAP SeminarJacob Shapiro, Princeton University
Fri, Mar 4 2022, 11:00AMTBA
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMikahl Banwarth-Kuhn, UC Merced
Mon, Mar 7 2022, 2:10PMTBA
MSB 1147Algebra & Discrete MathematicsChiara Novarini, University of Vienna
Mon, Mar 7 2022, 2:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Faculty Research SeminarAdam jacob, UC Davis
Tue, Mar 8 2022, 12:10PMTBA
MSB 1147Algebra & Discrete MathematicsJon Brundan, University of Oregon
Mon, Mar 14 2022, 2:10PMTBA
PSEL/QMAP 3024QMAP SeminarSimone Warzel, Technical University Munich
Fri, Mar 25 2022, 11:00AMTBA
Zoom Mathematics of Data & DecisionsJoão Pereira, U. Texas, Austin
Tue, Apr 12 2022, 1:10PMTBA
ZoomPDE and Applied Math Seminar
Sat, Apr 22 2023, 1:10PMTBA