Calculus Room

Remote Calculus Room

During Spring 2022 instruction, the Calculus Room consists of a Zoom Channel staffed by calculus TAs, and a Calculus Request Queue form where students may seek help for any calculus class.

Accessing Calculus Room

The Calculus Room Channel can be accessed through the Zoom desktop or mobile client.

  1. Register for a UC Davis Zoom account: Register Here.
    For more specific instructions, you can follow the CA&ES guide.
  2. Install the Zoom client on your preferred device: Installation Directions Here.
  3. Join the "Calculus Room" channel on Zoom: Channel Instructions Here.
  4. Paint Guide to join Calculus Room (created by Math graduate students): Here

The Calculus Room is staffed on weekdays during instruction. It is closed on campus holidays.

Calculus Room Hours for Spring 2022.
Open Hours
Monday 11AM - 6PM
Tuesday 11AM - 6PM
Wednesday 11AM - 6PM
Thursday 11AM - 6PM
Friday 11AM - 6PM

Note: The Calculus Rooms are closed during Finals Week, breaks, holidays, and the summer months.


Please be courteous to your TAs and fellow students. Your UCD email account will be associated with any messages you share in the channel. Violations of the UC Davis academic code may be reported to your instructor.

  • Please submit your questions through the Calculus Request Queue form. You will need to be signed into your UCD Google account.
  • A TA will contact you over Zoom. Please make sure to watch for messages and incoming calls!
  • If there have been a lot of requests, it may take a while for a TA to contact you. Since everything is remote, it might not be obvious to you that the room is very busy.
  • Please do not direct message inactive TAs through Zoom. Calculus TAs hold hourly shifts in the channel, and may not watch their Zoom messages while off duty. Even if your course's TA is on Zoom, they might be easier to contact over email or canvas.

Guidelines and Tips

  • You must have a UC Davis Zoom account to join the Calculus Rooms. Register Here.
  • The Calculus Request Queue form is only accessible to UC Davis Google accounts.
  • Prepare all materials for your question in advance. The more clearly you can communicate your question, the better.