Graduate Financial Information

All of our students, as long as they are in good academic standing, continue to make progress toward their degree, and perform satisfactorily in an appointed position (such as TAship or AIship), receive Departmental or University financial support of some type. A GPA of no less than 3.0 must be maintained and, each academic quarter (Fall/Winter/Spring), a student must register for at least twelve units. This support consists of a salary or stipend, plus full or partial fee remission. For nonresidents, several fellowships are available to help pay the nonresident tuition.

Opportunities for financial aid include:

Position Support* How To Apply Application Deadline Awards Made
Associate Instructor $2404.28mo Call for applications sent internally by the Math Dept Per call (varies) Varies
Graduate Fellowships $833-$3,000/mo.
For new students, look for the Fellowship Application within the Admissions application process. For continuing students, see the Applications link below. Jan 15 For new students, by March 15. For continuing students, by June.
Graduate Student Researcher $872-$2243/mo. Through a faculty with sponsored research Quarter before Varies
Teaching Assistant $924-$2294.78/mo New and continuing Math students are automatically considered. For non-Math students, submit the TA request form (below). Prior to the start of the quarter. Varies
Reader $15.78/hr. New and continuing Math students are automatically considered. For non-Math students, obtain application (below) and return to Math Dept. Just prior to start of quarter. 1st day of class

*Accurate as of August 2017, based on salary rates put into effect October 2017. Fee waiver is also a benefit, amount varies.

Obtain Applications Here

Financial Need: File a FAFSA (US citizens, permanent residents or immigrants)

Teaching Assistant (TA), Associate Instructor (AI), and Graduate Student Researcher (GSR)

Readership positions

Non-Resident Tuition Fee Fellowships (Residents not from California)