Graduate Student Travel Awards Program

San Francisco Golden Gate (C) Noah Friedlander

Funding for this program is provided to the Mathematics Department by generous donors.

Conference Travel Support Guidelines

(Applies to domestic and international students)

Full time graduate students in the Mathematics graduate programs and the Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics, who are in good academic standing, are eligible to apply for financial support to travel to a professional conference. Reimbursable expenses are limited to actual travel costs, lodging and registration fees.

Students will normally not be given more than one conference travel award per year (July 1 - June 30). The maximum award amount is $500. If you expect that your trip will cost more, we encourage you to seek additional funding from your adviser or pursue other sources of travel support such as Graduate Student Travel Awards from Graduate Studies (deadlines vary) and GSA Travel Awards from the Graduate Student Association.

Since our resources are limited, students should not expect to receive more than one travel award per year. Subsequent applications will be subject to rigorous scrutiny and will require an explicit justification by the adviser. Similarly, requests that exceed $500 will require special justification. Applications will be reviewed by the Graduate Program Committee (GPC).

In all cases the applicant should provide a brief justification of the requested amount (i.e., budget estimates for airfare, registration, etc.) in the Comments section of the on-line application form. Students are encouraged to add a comment how attending the event will contribute to their work and/or career.

Timing and Procedures

Complete applications should be received no later than two weeks before the departure date. Decisions will be made within a week upon receipt of a complete application. The Department has an online travel award application (requires Department username and password) and it is available at

Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible since no more awards will be made once funds for the year are exhausted.

Applicants will be notified via email once their application has been approved or denied.

Upon return of travel, the awardee must submit a completed Travel Expense Report with original receipts to the Department's business office for reimbursement.