Advanced Graduate Research

Student studying in the redwood grove.

Below is the list of students who have advanced to candidacy. For the full list of potential advisors, please visit Math Department Faculty or GGAM Faculty.

Faculty Adviser Grad Student Degree Sought Student Research Focus
Balasubramanian, Krishnakumar - Math
Chen, XuxingApplied, Ph.D.
Biello, Joseph - Math
Kalb, ArthurApplied, Ph.D.Equatorial Waves
Carlsson, Erik - Math
DePaul, GregoryApplied, Ph.D.
De Loera, Jesus - Math
Almendra Hernandez, FelixMath, Ph.D.
Black, AlexanderMath, Ph.D. The Simplex Method and Related Polytopal Constructions
Doty, David - ECS
Petrack, JoshuaApplied, Ph.D.Molecular computation, particularly Thermodynamic Binding Networks
Fannjiang, Albert - Math
Wan, Qianhui(Stella)Applied, Ph.D.Inverse graph problems with application on power grids
Gorskiy, Eugene - Math
Turner, JoshuaMath, Ph.D.
Luan, YuzeMath, Ph.D.Hilbert scheme of points
Scroggin, TonieMath, Ph.D.
Guy, Robert - Math
Nichols, JeffreyApplied, Ph.D.Elastic Alfven waves, viscoelastic fluid dynamics, and numerics.
Hastings, Alan - Math
Sorenson, DarianApplied, Ph.D.
Hunter, John - Math
Chen, Yifeng (Allen)Applied, Ph.D.
Jacob, Adam - Math
Chan, Yu Hin(Addie)Math, Ph.D.Complex differential geometry
Kuperberg, Greg - Math
Okada, RuiMath, Ph.D.Quantum error correction and quantum metric spaces
Wu, HaihanMath, Ph.D.Jones-Wenzl Projector Expansions for g_2 and sp_4, Theta symbol and Tetrahedron symbol for rank two Lie Algebras.
Lewis, Timothy - Math
Rose, AdamApplied, Ph.D.
Lovero, VincentApplied, Ph.D.
Li, Xiaodong - Statistics
Hu, XiaohanApplied, Ph.D.High-dimensional statistics and learning
Liu, Xin - Comp Sci
Sollers, KeithApplied, Ph.D.Optimal placement of trades in securities market exchanges, with an emphasis on using machine-learning techniques to minimize transaction costs
Lopes, Miles - Math
Chen, XiaotieApplied, Ph.D.Bootstrap methods for error analysis of randomized algorithms
Ma, Shiqian - Math
Li, JiaxiangApplied, Ph.D.Nonlinear and nonsmooth optimizations and their applications
Morris, Ben - Math
Oberschelp, HansMath, Ph.D.Mixing Times and Applications to Cryptography.
Nachtergaele, Bruno - Math
Jackson, Thomas (Andrew)Math, Ph.D.mathematical physics, quantum systems, topological quantum orders
Ragone, MichaelMath, Ph.D.
Schilling, Anne - Math
Simone, Mary ClaireMath, Ph.D.
Schultens, Jennifer - Math
Alameda, AndrewMath, Ph.D.low dimensional topology
Shkoller, Steve - Math
Chickering, KyleApplied, Ph.D.
Moreno-Vasquez, Ryan ChristopherMath, Ph.D.Analysis of free boundary fluid PDE
Ramani, RaaghavApplied, Ph.D.
Starkston, Laura - Math
Rubin, ShanonMath, Ph.D.Symplectic topology, microlocal sheaf theory.
Thomases, Becca - Graduate Group in Applied Math
Koul, OjeshApplied, Ph.D.
Nichols, JeffreyApplied, Ph.D.Elastic Alfven waves, viscoelastic fluid dynamics, and numerics.
Thompson, Abigail - Math
Cazet, NicholasMath, Ph.D.
Bjorklund, RobertMath, Ph.D.
Valdovinos, Fernanda - ggam
Duckwall, CaseyApplied, Ph.D.
Vazirani, Monica - Math
Brawley, EmiMath, Ph.D.Combinatorial representation theory of type C double affine Hecke algebra (DAHA)
Bechtloff Weising, MiloMath, Ph.D.
Xia, Qinglan - Math
Sun, HaotianMath, Ph.D.
Nguyen, Vinh VanMath, Ph.D.Optimal codebook
Zhang, Michael - CEE
Hui, ShouweiApplied, Ph.D.Macroscopic traffic flow control and stabilization.