Advanced Graduate Research

Student studying in the redwood grove.

Below is the list of students who have advanced to candidacy. For the full list of potential advisors, please visit Math Department Faculty or GGAM Faculty.

Faculty Adviser Grad Student Degree Sought Student Research Focus
Bai, Zhaojun - CS
Lin, Chao-PingApplied, Ph.D.Large sparse eigenvalue problems and the nonlinear eigenvalue problems arising from physical and engineering applications
Balasubramanian, Krishna - Statistics
He, YeApplied, Ph.D.MCMC sampling algorithms
Carlsson, Erik - Math
Chou, RaymondMath, Ph.D.Schubert Calculus, Symmetric Functions
De Loera, Jesus - Math
Zhang, ZhenyangMath, Ph.D.Combinatorial problems related to efficiency of the simplex method
Dimofte, Tudor - Math
Niu, WenjunMath, Ph.D.Category of Line operators in 4d and 3d SUSY gauge theories
Fuchs, Elena - Math
Litman, MatthewMath, Ph.D.Approximation theory of numbers (backwards continued fractions, continued fractions, and rational approximations) and analytic number theory (expansions of number theoretic functions in orthogonal polynomials/coefficient asymptotics and super approximatio
Guy, Robert - Math
Leathers, BrittanyApplied, Ph.D.More efficient Immersed Boundary methods for studying interactions between fluid and rigid bodies and other boundary value PDE
Hastings, Alan
Vogel, KaelaApplied, Ph.D.Time scale of transient dynamics of predator-prey food web networks
Corcoran, CarlApplied, Ph.D.
Jacob, Adam - Math
Chan, Yu Hin(Addie)Math, Ph.D.Complex differential geometry
Kuperberg, Greg - Math
Okada, RuiMath, Ph.D.Quantum error correction and quantum metric spaces
Wu, HaihanMath, Ph.D.Jones-Wenzl Projector Expansions for g_2 and sp_4, Theta symbol and Tetrahedron symbol for rank two Lie Algebras.
Tran, AustinMath, Ph.D.
Lewis, Timothy - Math
Rose, AdamApplied, Ph.D.
Liu, Xin - Computer Science
Kim, JeonghoonApplied, Ph.D.Machine Learning Developments and Applications
Lopes, Miles - Math
Chen, XiaotieApplied, Ph.D.Bootstrap methods for error analysis of randomized algorithms
Ma, Shiqian - Math
Li, JiaxiangApplied, Ph.D.Nonlinear and nonsmooth optimizations and their applications
Wang, ZhongruoApplied, Ph.D.Optimization algorithms and its application in machine learning
Morris, Ben - Math
Oberschelp, HansMath, Ph.D.Mixing Times and Applications to Cryptography.
Senda, AltoMath, Ph.D.Mixing Times of Shuffles
Santhakumar, HamiltonMath, Ph.D.
Mulase, Motohico - Math
Brown, JenniferMath, Ph.D. Categorification, quantization, and the Hitchin moduli space of Higgs bundles. Quantum invariants of knots and 3-manifolds
Rademacher, Luis - Math
Chen, HaolinApplied, Ph.D.Tensor problems with application to Gaussian mixtures and foundation of data sciences
Saito, Naoki - Math
Shvarts, EugeneApplied, Ph.D.Theory and structure of social networks
Weber, DavidApplied, Ph.D.Scattering transform, applications to sonar classification, and theory of CNNs
Schilling, Anne - Math
Pappe, JosephMath, Ph.D.Symmetric Functions and Crystal Bases
Schultens, Jennifer - Math
Alameda, AndrewMath, Ph.D.low dimensional topology
Sharpnack, James - Statistics
Sheng, StephenApplied, Ph.D.Deep Learning and its applications. Development of unsupervised and semi-supervised learning techniques for machine learning
Shkoller, Steve - Math
Moreno-Vasquez, Ryan ChristopherMath, Ph.D.Analysis of free boundary fluid PDE
Soshnikov, Alexander - Math
Aguirre, AnderMath, Ph.D.Linear statistics for random matrix ensembles
Strohmer, Thomas - Math
Sheng, Junda(Albie)Applied, Ph.D.Semi-supervised Community Detection via Semidefinite Programming
Temple, Blake - Math
Alexander, ChristopherApplied, Ph.D.General Relativistic Shock Wave Theory
Xia, Qinglan - Math
Sun, HaotianMath, Ph.D.
Zhang, Michael - CEE
Hui, ShouweiApplied, Ph.D.Macroscopic traffic flow control and stabilization.