Guidelines on Preparing for the Mathematics Preliminary Exams

Exam Dates

The Preliminary Exams for the upcoming Fall Quarter are scheduled to take place on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 (Analysis), and Wednesday, September 15, 2021 (Algebra & Applied Math).

Exam Workshops

The exam workshops were initiated under the VIGRE program in 2002 and they continue today.  We conduct review and problem-solving workshops aimed at helping students get ready for the graduate preliminary exams. All students are welcome to participate, though it will be particularly useful for entering students in both the Mathematics and GGAM programs, and for first-year students who have not yet passed their written exams.

The following workshops are held in person. One must register for MAT 200(38927) for the Analysis workshop and MAT 249(38934) for the Algebra workshop. Please note that days and times are subject to change.


Workshop Topic Instructor Dates Time
Workshop in Analysis Babson  8/30-9/10 10am-12pm
Workshop in Algebra Babson  8/30-9/10 2pm-4pm

There are separate guides, one for preliminary exams for analysis, and another for preliminary exams for algebra. These guides have been approved by the Graduate Program Committee as of Spring 2010.

Preparing for the Mathematics Preliminary Exams in Algebra

Preparing for the Mathematics Preliminary Exams in Analysis

Sample Prelim Exams

Ph.D. Sample Exams