Prospective Students

Why Study Math? 

Students majoring in mathematics may follow a program leading to either the Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) or the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. After completing basic introductory courses such as calculus and linear algebra, students plan an upper division program in consultation with a faculty adviser. This individualized program can lead to graduate study in pure or applied mathematics, to elementary or secondary level teaching, or to other professional goals. It can also reflect a special interest such as computational and applied mathematics, computer science, or statistics, or may be combined with a major in some other field.

The Majors

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical and Scientific Computation
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Mathematical Analytics and Operations Research

For more information about each of these majors, consult the Degree Requirements page on our website, as well as the UC Davis Online Catalog section for the Department of Mathematics (to see Math courses, use the link at the TOP of this page), which includes course descriptions and other general degree requirements. For current information on our courses, consult the Courses page of our web site.

With so many colleges and universities to choose from, what makes studying mathematics at UC Davis special?

  • Close interaction with professors.
    Our faculty are extensively involved in teaching lower and upper division mathematics courses. Every declared math major is assigned a faculty adviser who helps guide them through course selections and degree requirements. Nurturing students as future colleagues, professors provide students with opportunities to work side-by-side on research projects. Students gain firsthand knowledge and experience necessary to achieve their goals after graduation.
  • Interests for everyone.
    From the hundreds of student clubs to career advising to academic and social activities, these opportunities are exceedingly diverse. Whether within our department or on the campus, there is an organization or activity for almost any interest you might have.
  • Open computing environment.
    Your computer needs will be well met in a computer lab—just for undergraduates—which is housed in the Mathematical Sciences building. Available for your use are 30 terminals and 4 application servers (which you can access from home), plus a full-time three-person computer support staff to answer questions.
  • A degree with more value.
    Your degree has more value because of the research reputation of the Davis faculty. The faculty and graduate students at UC Davis are working day and night to discover new theorems, new equations, new formula, new concepts, and indeed new mathematics. The increasing international research reputation is demonstrated by the large number of research funding and honors awarded to our faculty, invited addresses delivered by the faculty all over the world, and research publications. The Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) Program can provide you one of the most memorable moments of your undergraduate years, participating in the discovery of something totally new in mathematics with your professor.

How to Apply

You can apply for undergraduate admission for a Mathematics degree through the UC Davis website. It will answer all your questions to get your application filed, when to apply, and where to go from there.

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