ATH 22AL, ( Computer Lab For Linear Algebra) is one unit course for students enrolled in MAT 22A ( Elementary Linear Algebra ). The labs offered in this course are designed to help linear algebra students in two area: First, use of computer in computations related to linear algebra. Second, enhance understanding of basic concepts and ideas of linear algebra for MATH 22A students.
These labs are not self contained. They should be used as a supplement for an Elementary Linear Algebra course. For each lab there is a list of prerequisite topics, which need to be studied before doing the labs using any standard textbook.

A little basic knowledge about working with computers is helpful. The labs are designed to use MATLAB. No familarity with MATLAB is required. MATLAB command will be introduced gradually.

Instructor for Summer Session I :Xiaochen Liu

Xiaochen Liu
Office hours:
Tuesday      10 AM& -12 PM
Thursday   10 AM  - 12 PM
Office hours Locations: 2118 MSB