MAT 16C-001 (Short Calculus) Winter 2020, CRN 62568
     MWF 9-9:50AM, 2 Wellman

TA Help:

PREREQUISITES: MAT 16B, 17B, or 21B. Mainly you will need working knowledge of derivatives, and integrals.

TEXTBOOK: Calculus, An Applied Approach, 9th Edition, Hybrid Edition, by Ron Larson (Brooks/Cole, 2013). Sections covered: 11.1-11.4, 7.1-7.9, 10.1-10.6.
If you have any questions about how to obtain a paper or an electronic version of the textbook, please email studentservices[at]math[dot]ucdavis[dot]edu.
The text of the book is almost identical to that of Calculus: An Applied Approach, 7th Edition (Houghton Mifflin Co., 2006), by Larson and Edwards, so feel free to get a used copy of this book (this or any other edition). The sections in the 7th edition are C.1-C.4, 7.1-7.9, 10.1-10.6 and the homework problem numbers will refer to this 7th edition of the book.
My colleague Duane Kouba has scanned the homework problems, so you will not need the book to access homework assignments and there will be no confusion as to which problems are assigned.

GRADE: Course grade will be based on the following:

I will follow this grading curve:

  • 0-40%: F
  • 41-50%: D
  • 51-65%: C
  • 66-80%: B
  • 81-100%: A

Please bear in mind that talking, texting, browsing, etc. disrupt the lectures. Use of computers, cellphones, recorders, or any other electronic devices during lectures is prohibited.

If you have any problem at all that requires special accommodation, please let me know well in advance!

Various class materials, including sample exams (with solutions) are available on the materials page. However, material presented in the lectures will be the basis for the exams.

Homework will be assigned every Wednesday, and will be due on the following Wednesday. You are strongly encouraged to do every assigned problem on your own, although the homework will not be collected. Any homework problem may occur on an exam, perhaps in a slightly changed form.

Use of books, notes, calculators, or anything else but pencil and paper, will not be allowed on any exam.

There will be no make-up exams. A missed exam counts as 0 points. If you miss the final you will automatically receive an F. The grade I (Incomplete) will not be given in any circumstances. If you miss the final because of illness or other emergency, please petition for the Retroactive Drop. I will support your petition. In such cases, I recommend that you also talk to an advisor at your college Dean's office.

Solutions for the midterms will be posted on the materials page.