MAT 21A (Calculus) Fall 2018, C01-C07 (CR 28513-9)
     MWF 10-10:50AM, 2205 Haring


TAs: TA Help: Calculus Room in 1118 MSB is open 1-7pm, Mon. through Thu., and 1-6pm on Fri.

PREREQUISITES: Math Placement Requirement. You will be dropped from this class if you do not satisfy the requirement!

TEXTBOOK: Thomas' Calculus: Early Transcendentals, by Weir and Hass (14th edition, Pearson, 2017). Sections 1.1-1.6, 2.1--2.6, 3.1--3.11, and 4.1--4.7 will be covered. Earlier editions of the book are fine, except that the numbers of problems may have changed; you may borrow the new edition to see which problems are assigned for homework. The publisher has provided this description of changes from 13th to 14th edition, and this problem transition guide between 12th and 13th edition. If you have any questions about how to obtain a paper or an electronic version of the textbook, please email studentservices[at]math[dot]ucdavis[dot]edu.


Course grade will be based on the following:

I will follow this grading curve:


Tuesday meeting (times vary for each Section) is a discussion session, lead by your TA, and devoted to homework and further elaboration on lecture material. Attendance of discussion sessions is mandatory (in the sense that you are responsible for the material covered there; your presence will not be verified).

Please bear in mind that talking, texting, etc. disrupt the lectures. Use of computers, cellphones, recorders, or any other electronic devices during lectures is prohibited.

If you have any problem at all that requires special accomodation, please let me know well in advance!

Various class materials, including exams (with solutions) from the last time I taught this course are available on the materials page. However, material presented in the lectures will be the basis for the exams.

Homework will be assigned every Wednesday, and will be due on the following Wednesday. You are strongly encouraged to do carefully every assigned problem on your own, although the homework will not be collected. Any homework problem may occur on an exam, perhaps in a slightly changed form. Together with the homework, I will assign discussion problems, which will include old exam problems, additional examples etc. A selection of these will be discussed in the discussion sessions.

Use of books, notes, calculators, or anything else but pencil and paper, will not be allowed on any exam.

There will be no make-up exams. A missed exam counts as 0 points. If you miss the final you will automatically receive an F. The grade I (Incomplete) will not be given in any circumstances. If you miss the final because of illness or other emergency, please petition for the Retroactive Drop. I will support your petition. You will also need support from your College Dean, so please talk to them first.

Solutions for the midterms will be posted on the materials page.