MAT 21A: CALCULUS (Fall 2016)

Finals week information:

Final Exam Time and Place: Monday, December 5, 3:30pm-5:30pm, 198 Young (the room where our class meets). Bring a pencil and your university ID!

Review Session: Sunday, December 4, 1:10-3:00pm, 2 Wellman.

Administrative OH: Friday, December 2, 12:10-1pm, at my office (3210 Math). Questions about the material will have low priority during this OH. You need to tell me by 1pm on December 2 if you have any concerns.

Material covered on the final: Functions (e.g., odd/even, one-to-one, composite, continuous, differentiable functions), limits, asymptotes, continuity, derivatives (first, second, etc.), tangents, velocity and acceleration, derivative rules, implicit differentiation, related rates, maxima and minima, first and second derivative tests, concavity, curve sketching, applied optimization problems, L'Hopital's rule. Also expect some theoretical questions, e.g., on applications of mean value theorem, intermediate value theorem, etc.

For practice, solve the latest sample Final. Look at other sample exams in course materials for more practice.

There will be no epsilon-delta problems (Section 2.3 in the book) on the final, no linearization and differential (Section 3.11), and no Newton's method (Section 4.7).

Problems from Chapter 4 will form the bulk of the final exam. That chapter's Practice Exercises (pgs. 291-295) offer some more practice problems, e.g., 1-12, 15-17, 27-92. (You probably do not need to do all these - select a few at random and solve them if you need extra practice.) The final exam problems will be less routine than problems on the midterms, so be prepared to think.