Kyle R. Chickering

krc (at) math.ucdavis (dot) edu - Office: MSB 3202

I am a second year PhD student at UC Davis. I am interested in the analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations; in particular fluid equations and related models. My work focuses on understanding nonlinear fluid behaviors, singularities, and nonlocal transport phenomena. My advisor is Steve Shkoller.

I am the Treasurer of the Galios group, Co-Coordinator for the UCD Directed Reading Program (DRP) in mathematics, and organizer for the Student Run Research Seminar in Mathematics. I am currently TAing MAT 22B: Ordinary Differential Equations.

Hobbiest philosopher and paraskevidekatriaphile.

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Mathematics is what is done by mathematicians and mathematicians are those who do mathematics.

- Richard W. Hamming