Quantum Math

A conference series "Mathematical Results in Quantum Theory" brings together people interested in quantum part of mathematical physics.

Registration will open in early 2022. To receive a notification when registration opens please register:


Local organizing committee: Martin Fraas, Bruno Nachtergaele, Maciej Zworski

International advisory board: Fernando Brandao, Pavel Exner, Arthur Jaffe, Jon Keating, Michael Loss, Yoshiko Ogata, Simone Warzel (chair)


  • Spectral Theory
  • Quantum Information
  • Many-body Quantum Physics
  • Semiclassical Approximation and Dynamical Systems
  • New Topics in Mathematical Physics
  • Quantum Field Theory

Contact: fraas@math.ucdavis.edu                                                                                                      Art form the "Postcards from Utopia" collection by Yael Degany