Using edge information in time-frequency representations for chirp parameter estimation, (with N. Bennett), Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, vol.18, no.2, pp.186-197, 2005.


Time-frequency representations of a signal can provide a useful means for obtaining parameter estimates for signals consisting of various chirps. We demonstrate the utility of including edge information extracted from these time-frequency representations when using a Hough transformation to perform this task. In particular, we show that using the edge information: (1) reduces the variance of the chirp parameter estimates in the case where the chirp signal has a single component; and (2) reduces the amount of spurious cross talk results when the signal has multiple chirp components. We further demonstrate a variation of our technique that detects the onset and duration of individual chirp components. We propose this technique as a fast preprocessing step for other algorithms such as maximum likelihood estimation which can provide very accurate parameter estimates.

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